The Committee also recommended that the General Assembly organize the agenda of its thirteenth session so that the measures foreseen by these amendments may enter into force at that same session. Maps. 9. Reporting & Monitoring State of Conservation (SOC) Periodic Reporting Questionnaires 2008-2015 Reactive Monitoring Africa Arab States Asia & Pacific Latin America and the Caribbean Europe and North America. Deadline: 31 July 2020. Following a report on the results of the Expert Meeting by Christopher Young (United Kingdom), who had chaired the meeting, the Committee decided that the Operational Guidelines be restructured according to the proposed new overall framework (WHC-2000/CONF.204/INF.10). Further decides to examine the transitory mechanism set out in paragraph 17 at its 31st session (2007), on the basis of: a) the results of the process set out in paragraphs 13 and 15 above. Statement of significanceb. XVII.5 The Committee recalled several discussions held on the application of cultural criterion (vi) and decided to amend paragraph 24 (a) (vi) as follows: "be directly or tangibly associated with events or living traditions, with ideas, or with beliefs, with artistic and literary works of outstanding universal significance (the Committee considers that this criterion should justify inclusion in the List only in exceptional circumstances and in conjunction with other criteria cultural or natural);". Further emphasizing that all issues addressed by the "Cairns Decision" need full and adequate implementation and that the World Heritage Centre and States Parties in the coming years should focus on those elements that have not been sufficiently addressed such as the development of balanced Tentative Lists and capacity building. Development Pressures (e.g., encroachment, adaptation, agriculture, mining)b. The Committee is composed of a rotating group of 21 countries elected from among the signatories to the Convention. At a minimum, the proposals should generate the conditions to ensure that by 2007 all States Parties have submitted Tentative Lists, which are substantially in accordance with Article 11 of the World Heritage Convention and its Operational Guidelines. Present state of conservatione. Both Dholavira and the Deccan Sultanate forts and monuments are included in India’s Tentative List. Once a year, the Committee meets to decide which sites will be inscribed on the World Heritage List. Name of Propertyd. Country (and State Party if different)b. The IUCN World Heritage Panel met last week to evaluate site nominations proposed for the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2019. (iv) The order of priorities for the granting of international assistance, as defined in paragraphs 91 and 113-114 of the Operational Guidelines, should be revised in a manner consistent with the recommendations of the International Expert Meeting on the Revision of the Operational Guidelines (Canterbury, United Kingdom) to improve the representivity of the World Heritage List and to be coherent with the Global Strategy. The Committee examined and discussed the recommendations of the Working Group on the Representivity of the World Heritage List chaired by Ambassador Yai (Benin), which had been transmitted by the Special Session of the Bureau with some changes. The United States nominated a series of 10 Frank Lloyd Wright sites in 2015 to the World Heritage List. The Delegate of Lebanon emphasized that these recommendations should not be brought from one expert meeting to another, but to the twenty-first session of the World Heritage Committee. The Committee revised Section I.G. Full and complete nominations received by the World Heritage Centre prior to 31 December 2000 will be considered together with nominations deferred, or referred, from previous meetings and changes to the boundaries of already inscribed properties. ... in Myanmar and an Alpine road in Austria popular with thrill seekers are among this year’s nominations for the UNESCO World Heritage List. Other, a. 7, Working Group on the Representativity of the World Heritage ListChair: H.E. The Committee recognized that the issue of representivity of the World Heritage List was the most difficult of the reform issues under consideration by the Committee. Deadline*: 1st February of the year preceding the one in which the approval of the Committee is requested. The Committee also recalled that the twenty-fourth session of the Bureau (June 2000) had requested that there be further examination of the possibility of a sub-committee system and that the Special Session of the Bureau (Budapest, 2-4 October 2000) had discussed the proposal further with reference to a paper prepared by the United Kingdom. The following list was compiled based on UNESCO documentation It’s official—the 2019 nominees for UNESCO’s World Heritage List of protected sites have been assembled, and an 11-day deliberation period in Baku, Azerbaijan, begins this week. ). The Committee requested the Secretariat to inform all States Parties of the implementation of the new electoral procedures, particularly those States Parties which may fulfill the conditions to be candidates for the reserved seat. c) the order of priorities for the examination of new nominations shall remain as decided by the Committee at its 24th session (2000): (i) nominations of properties submitted by States Parties with no properties inscribed on the List,(ii) nominations of properties from any State Party that illustrate unrepresented or less represented categories of natural and cultural categories,(iii) other nominations,(iv) when applying this priority system, date of receipt of full and complete nominations by the World Heritage Centre shall be used as secondary determining factor within the category where the number of nomination fixed by the Committee has been reached; 18. The order of priority for the examination of the nominations for inscription, The state of preparation of the beneficiary countries, and. A Tentative List is a national list of natural and cultural properties appearing to meet the World Heritage Committee's eligibility criteria for Start Printed Page 5677 nomination to the World Heritage List. This analysis should be undertaken as soon as possible, taking into account the workload on advisory bodies and the financial implications of this work, particularly in regard to the large number of sites on the tentative list. Facilitate the work of the World Heritage Committee and allow it to devote more time to general policy discussions for the implementation of the Convention, Improve the prior examination of various issues submitted to the Committee, and. If the number of States obtaining the majority required is less than the number of seats to be filled, there shall be a second ballot, followed by a third and, if necessary a fourth, to fill the remaining seats. The Committee recalled that the Task Force for the Implementation of the Convention, chaired by Ms Christina Cameron (Canada), had proposed that sub-committees be established to facilitate the work of the World Heritage Committee and the World Heritage Centre. The Committee may also decide to consider, on an emergency basis, situations falling under paragraph 67 of the Operational Guidelines. requested the World Heritage Committee to submit proposals on this matter to the thirteenth General Assembly of States Parties and to inscribe an item on the agenda of the thirty-first General Conference in 2001. Nominations for the World Heritage List are only accepted if the site was previously listed on the tentative list. Agency/agencies with management authoritye. Nominations for the World Heritage List are only accepted if the site was previously listed on the tentative list. The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht is responsible for managing the nomination of sites to UNESCO for the World Heritage List, on behalf of … It is regulated by the Policy for the implementation of the ICOMOS World Heritage mandate (latest revision in October 2012). Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year, but only those nominations that are "complete" (see paragraph 132) and received by the Secretariat on or before 1st February* will be considered for inscription on the World Heritage List by the World Heritage Committee during the following year. With your help, several Ohio landmarks could be ranked alongside Stonehenge in England, the Acropolis in Athens and the Grand Canyon. As of 2020, Finland lists six properties on its tentative list. Sources of expertise and training in conservation and management techniquesi. The Committee also decided to revise the Rules of Procedure of the World Heritage Committee as follows: "In determining the place of the next session, the Committee shall give due regard to the need to ensure an equitable rotation among the different regions and cultures of the world. If the number of States obtaining the majority required is less than the number of seats to be filled, there shall be a second ballot. Monuments and Forts of Deccan Sultanate Dholavira: The Harappan City Monuments and Forts of Deccan Sultanate The Deccan Sultanates means five major kingdoms ruled by many kings between Vindhya Range and Krishna river in the Deccan Plateau. Amendment to existing Rule 13.8 (new text in bold). Policies and programmes related to the presentation and promotion of the property, a. Ownershipb. Area of site proposed for inscription (ha.) Nominations to be submitted by 1 February 2002 and prioritized in accordance with the system as described above. They include the ancient city of Qalha in Oman, Naumburg Cathedral in Germany and Pimachiowin Aki in Canada. It can also defer its decision and request further information on sites from the States Parties. 8. Tentative. b) in the framework of Article 7 of the World Heritage Convention, make specific proposals to enable less-represented and non-represented States Parties to improve the quality of nominations and, consequently, the success rate of inscriptions on the World Heritage List of properties from such States Parties. Recognising the need to increase the technical and administrative capacity of the World Heritage systems, to encourage growth of under-represented categories and geographical coverage, and acknowledge the work constraints of the Committee, the Advisory Bodies, World Heritage Centre and States Parties to achieve this objective. The deadline for receipt of international assistance requests and state of conservation reports would also be on 1 February. The Committee asked that the Operational Guidelines be organized in a logical way, returning to the fundamental principles of the World Heritage Convention. 2019 nominees for UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Agreed plans related to property (e.g., regional, local plan, conservation plan, tourism development plan)g. Sources and levels of financeh. By preparing a Tentative List and selecting sites from it, a State Party can plan when to present a nomination file. (Article 11 (1). by deciding, on a voluntary basis, to suspend the presentation of new nominations. At a minimum, by 2007 the proposals should lead to the removal from the World Heritage List in Danger of at least 20% of the properties inscribed on that List. 7. (yes/no/needs more work) A successful outcome leads to submission to the World Heritage Committee. In addition to sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, member states can maintain a list of tentative sites that they may consider for nomination. Also decides, on an experimental and transitory basis, to apply the following mechanism at its 30th session (2006): a) examine up to two complete nominations per State Party, provided that at least one of such nominations concerns a natural property; and. ", 3. The Committee requested the World Heritage Centre to implement as many of these reforms as are feasible before the twenty-fifth session of the Committee. If the number of States obtaining the majority required is still less than the number of seats to be filled there shall be a third and, if necessary a fourth ballot, to fill the remaining seats. This will allow them to prepare, revise and/or harmonise their tentative list, taking into account, where appropriate, regional considerations, and to take the results of the analyses into consideration for the submission of future nominations. Administrative arrangements for monitoring propertyc. Decides to apply at its 29th session (2005) the mechanism set out in paragraphs 1 to 5 of Decision 27 COM 14, and requests the World Heritage Centre to distribute as soon as possible the full list of nominations admissible for examination by such session; 17. The Committee should revise paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Operational Guidelines to extend to natural sites its decision not to examine nominations of sites for inscription if the property does not appear on a tentative list. 2 In nominating properties to the List, States Parties are invited to keep in mind the desirability of achieving a reasonable balance between the numbers of cultural heritage and natural heritage properties included in the World Heritage List (Paragraph 15 of the Operational Guidelines). The Committee reaffirmed the Convention for the Protection of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage as an instrument of consensus, cooperation and accord between States Parties and takes particular note of Articles 6 (1) and 6 (2) and Article 11 (1): (ii) The States Parties undertake, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention, to give their help in the identification, protection, conservation and presentation of the cultural and natural heritage . 8, Working Group on Equitable Representation in the World Heritage CommitteeChair: H.E. Recently, on website of UNESCO, Yen Tu was named in World Heritage List Nominations in the coming period. This deferral would imply only a limited pause (7 months) in the nomination process, and allow the necessary transitional adjustments, Introduce a biennial budget for the World Heritage Fund to harmonize with the UNESCO budget cycle, Review any changes to the calendar, cycle and meetings of the Bureau (or sub-committees) and the Committee after they have been in operation for 4 years, facilitate decision-making and increase efficiency, provide transparency and equity of access to documentation, reducing the number of working documents by compiling one decision-making guide to be distributed 2 weeks prior to the meeting, including additional working documents only in exceptional cases - e.g. Login Sign up. Latest from this section Coronavirus demands grieving, but recovery is … Decisive cooperative action is required by the Committee and States Parties to ensure that the World Heritage List is fully representative of the world's natural and cultural heritage. The Committee noted the proposals on the equitable representation of the Committee developed following the Special Session of the Bureau session (WHC-2000/CONF.204/6) and decided to recommend the following Draft Resolution for adoption by the 13th General Assembly: The General Assembly of States Parties to the Convention concerning the protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. PROPOSED REVISIONS TO THE OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES. The necessity of encouraging the beneficiary countries to develop measures for the implementation of the Convention in their country. Results of previous reporting exercises, a. Nominations for the National Heritage List and the Commonwealth Heritage List are now open and will close on 25 February 2021 . If the number of States obtaining the majority required is less than the number of seats to be filled, there shall be a second ballot, followed by a third and, if necessary a fourth, to fill the remaining seats. The World Heritage Convention This 1972 Treaty established the World Heritage List and the World Heritage Committee, which makes final decisions on all World Heritage nominations. and proposed buffer zone (ha.) The third Advisory Body is the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), an intergovernmental organization which provides the Committee with expert advice on conservation of cultural sites, as well as on training activities. Nepal’s World Heritage nominations. Such a ballot for reserved seats would precede the open ballot for the remaining seats to be filled.