We've undoubtedly made our share of mistakes along the way, but then who hasn't? Viperion: Second Chance! Master Fu: It's a shame you threw such a pretty keyring away! Updated daily; Spanish dub for the New York special is now available! Cat Noir: Got it! Adrien: Kagami! Kagami: So you're not happy. Luka: Sass, scales slither. (Miracle Queen stands in front of them, holding her arm out) Als seine Frau und seine Tochter auch noch drohen, nach New York zu ziehen, wird er zu „Malediktator“ mit absoluter Macht akumatisiert. Miracle Queen: Pathetic! Be careful, Cat! Ladybug: (still laments) -Hawk Moth wouldn't have taken him hostage. Time to de-evilize! Hawk Moth: Yes, yes! (Luka turns her around and is stung by a wasp.) But I didn't! Snake Noir kicks King Monkey's staff through the opened hole, sailing towards Miracle Queen, only she catches it, and laughs evilly) (hugs Cat Noir, while crying) I'm the worst Ladybug that has ever existed! Scene: Parisian streets. Scene: Canal Saint-Martin. All the Miraculous wearers, come to me! Cat Noir: Focus! And we'll need a focused Ladybug for that. Now we can fix the Peacock Miraculous! It is unknown if the box will revert back to its original form or if this is its new look. Miracle Queen is the most powerful akumatized form of Chloe, and a lot like her previous akumatization. You made mistakes, but who hasn't? (Dragon Bug and Cat Noir face each other before grabbing each other hands) Hawk Moth: Of all the plans I've concocted, I never wanted this. 19. I will never forget you. After her defeat as Miracle Queen at the start of break, Chloe was distraught and when you’re distraught, you go wherever your feet would lead you. (André and Audrey kiss passionately) "Miracle Queen (Battle of the Miraculous - Part 2)" is the upcoming twenty-sixth episode and the season finale of Season 3 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug& Cat Noir, and it is the second and final part of "Battle of the Miraculous". Jade Turtle: I, Wang Fu, hereby relinquish the Miracle Box, (starts glowing) and name Ladybug the new Guardian! Hawk Moth: You fools! As I was telling you at the beginning of this letter, experiencing loss is a part of life, but it doesn't define it. Adrien: No. Jade Turtle: Ladybug, you are the best Miraculous holder I've ever met. Wayzz: (saddened) Master! It's a catastrophe! Cat Noir: Told you! Adrien gasps, and pulls Kagami towards him protectively, much to Kagami's confusion.) Jade Turtle: He's trying to divide you! Queen Bee: I'm not on your side anymore! Aqua Cat Noir: There's something wrong. Hawk Moth isn't my enemy, he's yours! (holds up the Peacock Miraculous) As good as new! Hawk Moth, tell him to give me my box back! (puts on the Dragon Miraculous) (André and Audrey are stung by the wasps.). The battle's not over! Scene: Rooftop of Palais de Chaillot with Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Master Fu. Aqua Cat Noir: What? 0 % Miracle Queen. (The ladybugs then repair everything) 2)" ", Marinette: "Yes I used a power up so I can breathe underwater and swim". I only need the Queen Bee! (Heartbroken, Ladybug and Cat Noir look down, saddened that the miraculous ladybug didn't repair Fu's memories.) It's the ability to... (Dragon Bug makes an opening in the water shield. How many times have I asked to fight alongside you? auch die Deluxe Edition. (Adrien frowns and looks to Kagami, and notices Miracle Queen's wasps. In the weeks following the Miracle Queen incident, a lot had happened. Marinette! Marinette opens a locker, showing Master Fu's gramophone, a picture of Marianne Lenoir, and a letter. … Dragon Bug: It'll be Dragon Bug to you, Chloé! Sting them all! Cat Noir: Ladybug and I never fight each other! We fight together! Queen Bee: (laughs evilly) Well, what are you waiting for? Viperion: Second Chance! Master Fu: It's incredible! Oh, uh, by the way, did you find that perfect tune you were looking for? Durch diese bringt er Cat Noir dazu, sich wie eine echte Katze zu verhalten. Luka: I think I did, yeah. Scene: Grande Paris Hotel, where Chloe angrily storms in. Luka: Are you okay? He's cute. Juleka: "Why would you ask my brother that? We have to free our friends from Miracle Queen. And you will be the most magnificent of Guardians. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Miraculous – Geschichten von Ladybug und Cat Noir ist eine Action-, Animations-, Familien-, Romantik- und Fantasy-Serie, die ihre Premiere am 1. Dragon Bug: Viperion is by far the most dangerous! Cat Noir: It's us against the world! Chloé hat hellblonde Haare, die zu einem hohen Pferdeschwanz zusammengebunden sind und ozeanblaue Augen. MLN Rating: Plot. (he catches a toy frog and his staff) You can do it! Oktober 2015 auf TF1 feierte. 1 Beschreibung 2 Liste der Kwamis 2.1 Chinesische Miraculous-Schatulle 2.2 Amerikanische Miraculous-Schatulle 3 Trivia 4 Galerie 5 Quellen und Bemerkungen Kwamis sind unsterblich und existieren schon seit weit über 67 Millionen Jahren. Roaar: Don't do it! Miracle Queen: Ladybug, Cat Noir, I'm gonna use your own weapons to defeat you. (Queen Bee slams down the Miracle Box, and opening it, starts putting on all of the Miraculouses) Not only did she turn against our heroes, she also revealed the identities of every single one of their allies. If we get stung, it's all over. Marinette: Sorry I- I don't why I did that. Mayor Bourgeois: Oh! Aqua Cat Noir: Hey! I think I wasn't really ready. Aqua Cat Noir swims closer to her, putting a hand on her shoulder) Chloé: (disgusted) Ew! (André and Audrey are stung by the wasps.). (He picks up Mayura, then jumps onto the Sentimonster, flying away) Cat Noir: Got it! (Both Aqua Ladybug and Aqua Cat Noir jump out of the water) You might even get lost along the way. (Dragon Bug extended her yo-yo, erasing the illusions only for King Monkey to grab her yo-yo, he reaches for the yo-yo with the stuffed frog) (Hawk Moth laughs evilly, sending another akuma for Queen Bee) (transforms back into Ladybug) Staffel der Serie Miraculous - Geschichten von Ladybug und Cat Noir. Ladybug: Sorry, but I think this belongs to me now. I mean yes! That snake is utterly useless! Hawk Moth: There's nothing you can do anyway! (throws camembert which Plagg catches in his mouth and transforms him into Aqua Plagg.) I order you both to fight again! My plan was perfect! Your review has been posted. Author Miraculous Ladybug News Posted on November 15, 2019 June 15, 2020 No comment New English Date For Miracle Queen New English Date For Miracle Queen According to Movistar , Miracle Queen will be airing in English (Dual Audio with Spanish) on November 23rd. Snake Noir: Sass, Plagg, Divide! Scene: At the train station's boarding platform. You're always here for me! Jade Turtle struggles to keep his Shell-ter from breaking from the sentimonster. Aqua Ladybug: I was... confused. Aqua Ladybug: I should have known that Hawk Moth had a bigger plan all along. Cataclysm! (Wasps chasing Adrien as he stands and runs. Not those again! Cat Noir: Got it! (Miracle Queen stands in front of them, holding her arm out) Miracle Queen: Come on, hurry up and transform, my pawns! Bewertung 3.8, . Mayura is on top of a building guarding Wang Fu, who is now Jade Turtle, remains shielded with his Shell-ter power, (Hawk Moth than joins Mayura) Snake Noir: Dragon Bug! Enjoyment . (Chloé pushes past Ladybug as Cat Noir comes back) Ladybug: So my magical ladybugs couldn't do anything. You can't beat me! If I hadn't forgotten to de-transform myself to go see Master Fu- Ladybug: (panicked) Chloé! It's my Miracle Box, mine! Wayzz: (sadly) It's the rule of the Guardians. (Gabriel smiles at her). Transform me! By: Shimmer Puppy Lover. Miracle Queen: Surely because the Miraculous of the Moron and the Pompous Brat do not exist! Hawk Moth: Mayura! And I'm still going to leave with mommy anyway, because you don't deserve to breathe the same air I do! Alya: Trixx, let's pounce. (Wasps chasing Adrien as he stands and runs. Utterly ridiculous! The fake reporter? Hawk Moth: (laughs evilly) I don't even need to do anything! Aqua Cat Noir: Huh! Episode: s03 Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous Part 2) Language: English Stats: Published: 2019-10-16 Words: 1996 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 23 Kudos: 388 Bookmarks: 77 Hits: 4568. (Adrien looks away, Kagami becomes upset) Your indecision is hurtful, Adrien. (he dodges Pegasus' portal, and grabs King Monkey's arm) Dragon Bug! (Dragon Bug and Cat Noir look back up to Hawk Moth) Marinette: So, how about that tune? Nathalie: No. Kim: Xuppu, Showtime. (Luka turns her around and is stung by a wasp. Das Album gehört zwar nicht zu meinen Lieblingsqueenalben aber natürlich ist es über jeden Zweifel erhaben. I would have loved to tell you all this in person, Marinette, but if you're reading this, it means I've already lost my memory. Not for nothing. I already won! (they pull away from each other) Mayura: I'm all right. Who are you? (Hawk Moth rotates Mayura) Forgive me for needing you again one last time. Scene: In the sky, there is the endcard shows Master Fu leaves with Marinette and Cat Noir in the background as Ladybug and Adrien look from the sky, smiling as Luka and Kagami smile at them. (Transforms into Rena Rouge) On the side of the gramophone in which the wooden box was stored, the Chinese characters for miracle (奇跡) are engraved. This is despicable! Marinette: Yes. (One by one, they grab their Miraculouses and step back in line, except for Nino and Kagami.) Post-Episode: s03 Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous Part 2) Classmates are worried; Protective Chloé Bourgeois; Summary. What has possessed Ladybug to choose such losers as her superheroes? (Ladybug picks up the Miracle Box) Scene: Continuing narration: Kim and Ondine at the swimming pool. No! Queen Bee: Oh, yes I will! Master Fu sees Marianne for the 'first time' with love. And I'll save the world all by myself, without you and your ridiculous, poorly chosen friends! Updated Daily; Season 4 is coming in mid 2021! Hawk Moth akumatizes Chloé into Miracle Queen to make her take control of all the Miraculous holders. Dragon Bug: No! (laughs evilly again, Ladybug turns to Chat Noir) Production Code: 326. International Release Date: October 15, 2019 (Ukraine, 21:35 UTC+3) … (Miracle Queen transforms back into Queen Bee) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. September 2015 beim Educational Broadcasting System bzw. Miracle Queen: Ladybug! Ladybug: Master! (Cat Noir then transforms into Snake Noir) I chose you both for a reason! But you mustn't be scared, and you mustn't be sad. Right now, it’s leaning towards the latter. Snake Noir: Dragon Bug! There's nothing you can do! Chloé: Well, if that's the way it is, I'm no longer your fan, Ladybug! Snake Noir: Haaah! Adrien: No. Oh, no! Ah, ah, ah! octubre 18, 2019 0. But first, we gotta neutralize those wasps so we can get out of the water. You'll so regret not choosing me! I mean, it's the first time that I... thought it would be different Roaar: And you didn't give the right commands! From now on, no one will have to keep his identity a secret! Season: 3. I'm going to be the most powerful Miraculous wearer there ever was! Scene: Trocadéro. The train departs the station, and Marinette walks away in tears.). King Monkey: Uproar! 2)" ist die 26. Chloé wird an der Schule für ihren Auftritt als Queen Bee verlacht, doch ihr Vater, der Bürgermeister, kann die Schule dafür nicht bestrafen. Miracle Queen is standing with Hawk Moth on the roof of the Grande Paris Hotel, Marinette: Experiencing loss is a part of life. Alya: Trixx, let's pounce. Master Fu: Well, nice to meet you! Cat Noir: What happened to him has nothing to do with the damages caused by Chloé. Too many powers at the same time! Als Ersatz holt Ladybug das Bienen-Miraculous von Meister Fu … Gotcha! You always have. Die Episode "Miracle Queen (The battle of the Miraculous - part. You haven't repaired everything yet. ), Scene: Continuing narration: André and Audrey outside Le Grand Paris, Marinette: That trust is sometimes broken, but it can always be restored. What?! (Adrien looks away, Kagami becomes upset) Your indecision is hurtful, Adrien. Mayura: Don't blame yourself. (Mayura takes a couple steps back, extending her fan, pulling out a feather) (Miracle Queen stands in front of them, exchanging her arm out) Miracle Queen: Come on, hurry up and transform, my pawns! Watch full episode of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir season 3 episode 25, "Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous - part. Ladybug: Master! Ein Spin-off der Serie, Miraculous Chibi, wurde am 31. Marinette: Yes. Don't listen to him! But with the help from the right people, you'll always find your destination. What matters is to fix them, right? It's too dangerous! Checkmate, Ladybug! Cat Noir: Sorry, couldn't catch up with them. Aqua Plagg, Claws Out! Aqua Plagg, Claws Out! You're on your own.