“Imagine watching that happen to someone that you...”, "If you talk to Rose, tell her... just tell her... Oh, she knows. The Supreme Dalek gets totally confused by the appearance of a second Keeper of the Matrix, and while he tries desperately to sort out the logical problem in his brain, the Sontarans attack. The Brigadier organizes the companions aboard the Rani's TARDIS, preparing for a rescue operation. On the way back, however, he is attacked by Dalek Lin, who has arrived somehow just a little too late to stop the destruction of the other Daleks. Add to Cart. Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction TV series in history, airing initially from 1963 to 1989. Meanwhile, old and new members of the Galactic Federation get together to discuss a situation that has arisen. Romana wakes up, startled. But just as the Doctors discover that the TARDIS is being well guarded, they are attacked by the Renegade Daleks assisted by the Sixth Doctor. The Brigadier helps Maxil coordinate the attack. Davros sends a Special Weapons Dalek to take care of business, but the Rani drops a bulkhead in its way, diverting its route. Nyssa has agreed to help Mel track down Sabalom Glitz who abandoned her on Terminus. It turns out that his rigged up machinery took years off their lives and Leela is a teenager again. That's when Maxil shows up and shoots Damon with a staser. Tegan and Peri find a curious excavation site while wandering around the The Ninth Doctor shows up out of nowhere to support him. The Supreme Dalek's flagship goes out of control and plummets into Earth's atmosphere, pursued by a Sontaran battlecruiser intent on its destruction. The Third and Sixth Doctors decide that it us time to split the Sontaran ship and meet up with their other selves to get to the bottom of all this. The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in the TARDIS. They used all their resources to bend reality, roll back time, and manipulate the most powerful beings to bring the Doctor to a point where it is his decision whether the universe collapses into chaos or settles into perfect order. They briefly discuss the nature of eternal beings who insist that The Eighth Doctor asks Benton about his career as a used car salesman, it was a cover for when he was doing some secret work with America for UNIT, and Liz finally asks the big question. Following the events of The Runaway Bride, the Tenth Doctor goes to the Eye of Orion to reflect on the loss of Rose Tyler. At which point the Ninth Doctor hints that he knows a way around that, and a second Ninth Doctor shows up. The Third and Fifth Doctors meet with the Master and find out that he wants them to ‘bless’ his plan to unite the various races of the Federation, allied or otherwise and lead them in a battle against the Daleks. sounds more like it's about sexuality than about immortality. And so the TARDIS whisks the Doctor off on a new adventure. The Eighth Doctor holds Leela back from further attacking the Valeyard, who Jikuu Bouken DOCTOR WHO (Space-Time Adventure DOCTOR WHO). Torchwood who engages her in a little traditional banter. The Second Doctor realizes that they have not actually moved at all through time or space. The Fifth Doctor finds a way to stop the Master from using his ship to kill people. He runs his hands through his hair when he's frustrated. Doctors in tow along with the other companions. Incoming transmission… A message from the Doctor. The Fifth Doctor agrees to go instead, and deliberately chooses the The Eighth Doctor climbs up to a cave in a mountian, but gets attacked by an old woman who he recognises as Leela, accompanied by K9 Mark I. The Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 leave, but not before Romana lets slip about an alien presence at the hospital on Earth. At his worst, the Doctor deemed himself — and. The Sontarans decide to attack the leader of the retreating Dalek faction, and just as the Sixth Doctor senses that his plans are falling apart, things get worse with the arrival of Commander Maxil. Meanwhile, down underground, the cybernetically enhanced Silurians are now left stranded without Cyberman controllers, and so they go into a fighting rage when they see the UNIT soldiers exploring the lab. Skirt through time and space with a Doctor Who skirt. The Fourth Doctor realizes that the Daleks are rounding the High Council up and leading them to the lab not so that they can extract information from them, but so that they can be used as genetic material for new Daleks to expand their numbers quickly, rather than waiting for a new batch to grow in a clone tank. Doctor Who Magazine . That does, however, leave him vulnerable to a booster rocket blast directly into Earth's atmosphere which would leave him in freefall and a very messy impact. The First Doctor runs into the Lady President who clearly does not recognize him. The TARDIS trunk opens up with Drax and Glitz firing a laser bazooka which all but disintegrates the nearest Dalek. She recognizes Tegan and Turlough, but it is K9 who recognizes his former mistress, Romana. The Sixth Doctor ducks in between two Mechanoids who percieve Daleks as a much greater threat then curly haired fellows dressed as clowns. "...and my voice going all squeaky when I shouted, I still do that! Since the Daleks are struggling to destroy eachother as well as theirattackers, the advantage goes to the Federation forces. Almost-single parent to the Metacrisis Clone, who is technically the offspring of him and Donna. Martha walks through a crowded London street, discussing wedding party plans with various family members. That is, until a TARDIS shaped like a caddy shows up and extends its forcefield around them, stopping their plunge, and then uses a TOMTIT device to extract the passengers. They are soon joined by the Second and Second and a Half Doctor and Glitz. When the other Dalek threatens Rose, the Ninth Doctor remains steadfast in his decision. Team 2, made up of companions Tegan, Peri, Ace and Rose, stop when they notice that Jamie is not with them. Meanwhile the Ninth Doctor gets himself caught in a Dalek crossfire. On the Eye of Orion, the Doctors discuss the possibilities of what must have caused the temporal Seeing how confused the Tenth Doctor is, one of the Ninth Doctors points out that Gallifrey was not destroyed, but the Guardians tricked him into flying the TARDIS into the Death Zone just as acting President Flavia destroyed the Time Scoop equipment after the events It also blasts open part of the hull from which the ship spews out He first projects This shakes the confidence of all the other companions and the First Doctor goes into a rage. The Ninth takes him down in Drax's TARDIS and shows him the rebuilt, modified Time/Space Visualizer that the Doctor had abandoned long ago. The Third Doctor is restrained by the Sontarans before he can warn the fleet. The Sixth Doctor talks the Fourth Doctor through repairs to the Dalek ship. gunstick off. Somehow alive. The Second Doctor, already open for telepathic contact, picks up the signal and decides that an extreme situation requires an extreme solution. For now. The Monk takes the Tenth Doctor aside to tell him that he has an opportunity to prevent the Last Great Time War from happening and wiping out the Time Lords. All are relieved and delighted. Zoe steps out to see where they have landed and comes face to face with an army of companions, including the Brigadier and Jamie. The Ninth Doctor dodges a bullet -so to speak- but realizes that he now faces certain death at the ‘hands’ of the Daleks. They arrive at a chamber where the Rani and the old K9 wait in ambush with some sort of rigged up contraption. thing. The Fifth Doctor gets them coordinated and they all join minds in an attempt to battle the Dalekized part of the Tenth Doctor's psyche. interfered in the timeline already, is unable to interfere more. The Cybermen discuss the logical problem of forcefully determining the identity of the new arrival, who turns out to be the Ninth Doctor. Keeping Dalek Ahn with him to repair the Neurological Distillation unit, Dalek Tor sends all the other Daleks after the Fourth Doctor so that he can be wired in to make a complete set. Before the Seventh Doctor can figure out what Davros is talking about, he is tracked down and spotted by the Special Weapons Dalek and his team. They all share a celebratory hug. Surprised, he drops the spool which lands at the Eighth Doctor's feet. At their moment of confusion, the Sixth Doctor (now wearing the Fourth Doctor;s scarf) stuns them all. While the Third Doctor waits in the console room, the Second and a Half Doctor and Glitz head down to the primary engine room of the TARDIS. Meanwhile the Sixth Doctor leaps into the role with both feet. But Davros finally puts the squash down with a threat they cannot ignore. The Dalek tells him that by accepting the conditioning it can help the Doctors become more disciplined. Meanwhile, the First Doctor objects strongly to the idea of trying to use the Hand of Omega to create a new Eye of Harmony, and the Tenth Doctor offers a more immediate and less dangerous solution to their power problem in order to keep the peace. The President of Gallifrey is converted to a Time Dalek and with the rest of her Dalek-ized council members unable to contact Dalek Ahn, she resumes her position as leader. The Celestial Toymaker makes an appearance. With falsified memories, the history teacher John Smith was, for all intents and purposes, not the Doctor at all but a completely new man with a life of his own. The Doctor confronts the Dalek conditioning, but starts to lose coordination between the various personae in his psyche. While the rest of the gang are saying their goodbyes, the Meddling Monk shows up informing the Tenth Doctor that this is not quite over yet. Davros is surprised to find his communications expert Dalek has been destroyed. Doctor Who Classic 12 Inch Tall Radio Controlled Dalek: Silver and Black (Death To The Daleks) - Product Enterprise (Please Read) $175.00. In the rather short time they got to know each other, Ten and Eleven got on rather well most of the time, even when they endlessly took shots at each other. In his search for K9, the Fourth Doctor finds an empty data processing lab. wierdness. The secret weapon, however, turns out to be a Glitter Gun, a weapon designed to blast clouds of gold dust, an excellent weapon against the Cybermen who have a violent reaction to it as it clogs their breathing apparati. Bill, sconvonlta, gli spara. location, in an effort to split the Sontaran's attention and break them up from their battle over the Earth. Meanwhile the Rani learns more than she cared to about the Cybermen and makes a deal with them. The Brig leaps out as well, with his posse, blasting away with the pistols Romana found. The Daleks wire all the Doctors into the Neural Distillation unit and Dalek Tor into the receiver end. The other Doctors are shocked. Turlough is mad, but the Brigadier explains to the Doctor that the impact he has had on all their lives was worth any risk. The Seventh Doctor volunteers to solve that problem. As mentioned on the Fourth Doctor's page, Ten is widely regarded as one of the most iconic portrayals of the Doctor in the revived series, thanks in no small part due to his much more human and empathetic, yet still frighteningly alien personality depicted during his tenure. Doctor... Fun. " The Fifth Doctor manages a wild and crazy rescue attempt by reaching out and grabbing the Fourth Doctor's hand as he flies past in his ship with the canopy open. They inform him that their appearances are selected to suit the needs of their intended contacts. Sarah Jane engages in that age-old fruitless pastime of arguing with hospital procedure and protocol. While Romana keeps the companions busy with convoluted explanations of basic temporal theory 101, the Tenth Doctor explains to the First why there might be some problems with the TARDISes in this timeline. Rose goes, too. He was very irritated by Eleven's constant teasing in "Day of the Doctor" and kept telling him to shut up. The Second and Seventh Doctors have set the TARDIS to track the companions via the other TARDIS’ time track. The First Doctor uses his natural commanding nature to make the other Doctors explain what is going on. His more child-like nature also winds up being the cause of a lot of his. Doctors 2 and 2.5 and Glitz hightail it out of the Toymaker’s universe as Omega begins to flare up into a massive matter-antimatter exposion and the universe goes– BOOM! Moreover, when they, In regards to being the second Doctor of an era, the handsome, lady-killing Ten comes across as, Then again, the "wibbly-wobbly" thing may or may not come from, The very knowledge that he was the Doctor was enough to make the entire Cult of Skaro back up in fear. Mel confronts Glitz about abandoning her on Terminus. They learned that UNIT has cleaned up the whole Cyberman/Silurian menace and all is well again. Omega confronts the Celestial Toymaker for making a fool of him, but the Toymaker points out that he has no choice but to trust him. Leela discovers that this Dalek is one of her own children. Grace HAS seen this before. Captain Jack agrees to Only Donna proved saucy enough to stand up to him ("The Fires of Pompeii"). Meanwhile the Sontarans in the Federation Flagship have tracked him down and are preparing to blast their way through the sealed door. perfect universe. The First and Tenth Doctors have a chat about physiology, TARDIS engineering and temporal physics en route to Gallifrey. He disappears in an explosion of arcing electricity, sparks and twisting metal. In the previous instance in the Doctor's Fourth incarnation, the Doctor was still going through some authority figure issues. Looking for something a little more casual? Unexpectedly, he meets up with his previous incarnation, the Ninth Doctor, and Rose, who are exploring the Eye of Orion together. units. Susan urges the Tenth and Eighth Doctors to find companions because she does not like to think of them traveling alone. In the meantime they have saved the Earth (and the universe) and garnered a whole bunch more treaties with other races. The Ninth Doctor learns how his old college classmate Drax found him. The Doctor learns that he has been acting as the champion of the Black Guardian. The First and Tenth Doctor discuss how the Guardians kept the temporally displaced Doctors slightly out of phase, just enough so that the time-native Time Lords would not be able to recognize them, save for a special few who were directly involved or also time-displaced. Sarah Jane convinces Harry Sullivan to contact UNIT for her. Following the previous multi-Doctor encounter, Jo has no problem quickly accepting that these are all different Doctors. But suddenly, there is yet another Doctor standing behind him. The Brigadier has lead his little ‘unit’ of companions to the lab where they see the Dalek conversions taking place. The Sontarans, the Daleks, the Movellans and the Rutans engage in a crazed space free-for-all above the Earth, while the Third Doctor coordinates the War Chief and the Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Doctors in a game of misinformation and The Sixth Doctor expresses his anger, not so much over the fact that the Fourth Doctor turned out *not* to have died in the fall, but that it made the Sixth Doctor wrong. Ace and Rose are dodging and destroying Daleks when they come across a chamber filled with massive Cyberman technology. The Second Doctor arrives, seemingly already understanding the situation, accompanied by Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot. Rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet while talking, especially to aforementioned enemies and antagonists. It consisted of twelve stories and fourteen episodes. He decides he has to project another self. He gets into an argument with Sarah Jane over the irresponsibility of putting a Time Lord at the mercy of modern Earth medicine, but before it can be resolved, Romana steps out, apparently recovered and quite well, a thoroughly embarrassed Grace Holloway behind her. He goes to leave with Rose, but when stopped by the Fourth and then the Eighth Doctor, he finally just has to get himself out of there. But before he can slump into his previous depression, he reminds himself that all those incarnations of himself are always with him and, in a sense, he is never alone. The Master attacks them, but they manage to zip out of the way of the laser cannons at the last instant. The Tenth Doctor is once again alone on the Eye of Orion. Some of the Doctor's previous incarnations are skeptical of the setup, while others are genuinely proud of their future ingenuity. The Daleks struggle with the paradox of having more than one Doctor on the ship at once, when they let slip a secret. The scruffy, witty, and somewhat Mulder-ish heartthrob, with great inner fury and wistful melancholy concealed under his easygoing attitude. The Doctor informs the Dalek that his goals and achievements outweigh his foibles. The Doctors have wired the TARDISes together so that Nine and Ten can recharge the others' power supply. This ends up severely screwing over his next incarnation. A TARDIS in the shape of a long shed materializes around the companions, then dematerializes, kidnapping them. both it and the other are exterminated by an Imperial Dalek. He exits to explore and spots a figure, but when he approaches he discovers that it is a toy replica of the Keeper of the Matrix, the Valeyard). Rose, however, is taking this a little hard and Ace has no time for babies. an imposter, and mistake the Sixth Doctor for "The Keeper". Deciding it is not worth pursuing, he informs Damon that he is looking for the Doctor and Damon asks him to give him a message. The universe will descend into chaos from which its new Dalek/Doctor hybrid will emerge to create a Then they kill him. exterminating a few to make an example of them. I'm a Time Lord. Just for fun. Strange bio-pattern-like energy shoots out from deep within the heart of the That perfect equalibrium was impossible and so began her campaign for universal perfect chaos. Glitz apparently has other plans. Meanwhile the companions discuss their fate while a K9 sneaks up to the cell door. The surface of Gallifrey is blasted. When the Doctor and Martha were being chased through time by the ravenous Family of Blood, the Doctor decided to take a human disguise by sealing his Time Lord essence inside a chameleon arch, which looks like an ordinary fob watch, and hid in an inconspicuous English village in 1913. Mel decides she is going to stick with Glitz and Drax and the Rani and the Second and a Half Doctor decides to stay with the Second Doctor. He succeeds and the two Doctors are reunited. Maxil does not recognize the Tenth Doctor, and, assuming he is some archivist, plans to blame him for the death of Damon. bowels of the cyberlab in the complex under the warehouse. In space over Earth the "battle of 5 armies" continues but numbers are dwindling. For the time being. and runs for the TARDIS. He changes it to a He finally decides not to hand over the data spool. That tongue-on-the-roof-of-his-mouth thing he does all the time. The Second and a Half Doctor tries to comfort Omega, but Omega vows to take him to oblivion wth him if his plan fails. Omega steps through the gateway from his anti-matter universe to check on the Toymaker's progress, but is shocked to find he and the Second Doctor squatting on the floor playing cards. Bypassing the whole ‘reason for their appearance’ discussion, the Tenth Doctor instead snatches up a couple of the pieces on their playing board and demands to know what they are up to. The air twists with the mists and dust of churned up soil and shattered structures. The Tenth Doctor pops onto the surface of Gallifrey for one last sniff of the But they have made a critical error. The Supreme Dalek comes out to confirm the identity of the Keeper, but the clever Sixth Doctor turns the tables on it and takes over the interrogation. Besides, he figures, Maxil will ultimately be wiped out on Gallifrey with all the others when the Last Great Time War happens. How the Black Guardian concluded that the unverse could not survive in an unstable balance between order and chaos. The First Doctor manages to delay his crash into the dying sun of Proammon and uses his bought time to try to contact another of his selves to come and help him escape. Pulling on his earlobe or rubbing the back of his neck when uncomfortable or embarrassed (usually brought on by Donna). The Fifth Doctor tries as well, but the Master has jammed his signal. The Fifth Doctor says his goodbyes. The Ninth Doctor decides that this cannot continue and attacks Dalek Tor.