It is based on the original version of the Norwegian worlwide known series, SKAM. SKAM NL | Aflevering 10 (S02) 22:33 Aflevering 4 jun 2019, 22:45 Serie over een groep jongeren in de tweede fase van hun middelbare school. Meer Bitch (Tuesday 12:35am). Julie Andem Production Company(s) SKAM NL. Jeroen Kiers (S1)Sam Du Pon (S2) (Tuesday 7:58am). The first year girl Emma, shows interest in Isak. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Too late (Wednesday 11:00am). With another chick in bed (Thursday 9:25pm). September 16, 2018 - June 4, 2019 With Bo van Borssum Waalkes, Monk Dagelet, Zoë Love Smith, Suus de Nies. Nothing (Tuesday 12:45am). Marinieke Klarus Ashgan El-Hamus King size (Wednesday 6:42pm). Running Time Nothing for you (Tuesday 8:32pm). tunefind Skam NL shares the same format as the original series, which is posting clips throughout the week as well as social media posts and texts. best. Girls (Tuesday 7:09pm). Fan account for news and translations on #SKAMNL. Clips: Fucking dramatically (Saturday 10:31am). I don’t remember anything (Thursday 4:00pm). Posted by 1 year ago. Much like the British TV drama "Skins", the show relies on revolving certain parts of the show around a specific character's point of view. The clips are posted on the YouTube channel of the series. You are a good friend (Friday 4:03pm). Raw means that there are no subtitles on the videos, so you can use them for your edits. 21 The third season is focused on Isak Valtersen. Bobbie KoekIsabel Lamberti (S1)Floor van der Meulen (S2) Clips: Invest in Love (Sunday 4:43pm). This thread is archived. Horny (Wednesday 3:41pm). [3] A countdown on the series' website revealed the first clip would be released on September 10, 2018, the first episode aired 6 days later, making it the sixth remake to be released. skam nl any more (especially because the ratings were very low compared to other shows). NL is the next remake on my list to watch and i was curious if there was any news since its cancellation? I had to do it (Monday 5:08pm). (Friday 6:30pm). 2. Sexually active (Wednesday 8:00am). Sort by. No doubt (Friday 1:30pm). Bollocks (Monday 10:15am). I can also sleep on the couch (Friday 5:36pm). Let's raise our voices to get another season of this amazing SKAM remake. Almost done (Monday 7:55am). All 7 songs featured in Skam NL season 2 episode 3: Liv - Week 3, with scene descriptions. save. You shouldn't eat less for a boy (Wednesday 3:25pm). Any news on season 3 of Skam Netherlands? Orgy (Tuesday 3:04pm). Isabel Lamberti (S1)Floor van der Meulen (S2). (Monday 12:32pm). I am telling you, you will succeed (Thursday 4:42pm). [9] The first trailer for the season was released on March 10. Opgekropte shit (Friday 9:35pm). Flashbacks (Saturday 10:18am). But you know, maybe Netflix will come in and save the day. SKAM NL SEASON 3. Although, while Skins devotes episodes to specific characters, Skam devotes entires seasons to specific characters. Much worse (Tuesday 9:22am). It is over (Monday 3:18pm). 100% Upvoted. Cinematography (Thursday 3:08pm). Kesa forever (Wednesday 5:13pm). I forgot how much I missed this show, and I really hope s3 gets made. These maps contain: - Season 1 raws - Season 2 raws - All English subtitle files (.ass format) - All Dutch subtitle files (.srt format) Skam NL (also referred to as Skam Dutch or Skam Netherlands) was the Dutch international remake of Norwegian Skam. NL is the next remake on my list to watch and i was curious if there was any news since its cancellation? bekeken. She gets persuaded in to going to a school party at the end of the week and meets some new people. level 1. With Suus de Nies, Sara Calmeijer Meijburg, Bo van Borssum Waalkes, Zoë Love Smith. She likes it (Thursday 8:11am). Always sad to start a show you know isn't going to be continued :/. Watched? Proud (Friday 10:30pm). SKAM NL | Aflevering 3 (S02) Afl. So if there would be a continuation, it would not be for at least another year, and I think too much time will have passed by then. Isa starts her first week of the second phase of high school. NTRNPO3 All posts will be archived on its website. (Tuesday 1:34pm). For missing clips/episodes, check Original release A release date maybe? I'm not pretending (Friday 9:26pm). Clips: Too sweet (Monday 10:15am). Tallinn Here We Come (Friday 9:14pm). Nothing (Tuesday 6:20pm). [4] Filming for Season 2 began in January and ended in May 2019,[5] production also moved from Utrecht to Amsterdam. Fucking whore (Saturday 10:00pm). Respect (Thursday 12:34pm). Boyfriend (Wednesday 2:17pm). Producer(s) SKAM NL | Aflevering 3 (S02) 20:47 Aflevering 9 apr 2019, 22:30 Serie over een groep jongeren in de tweede fase van hun middelbare school. SKAM NL | Aflevering 10 (S02) 22:33 Aflevering 4 jun 2019, 22:45 Serie over een groep jongeren in de tweede fase van hun middelbare school. Clips: Can't we just argue? (Sunday 2:11pm). share. All the way, all the way (Friday 10:30pm). Skam NL S01E03. Sherlock (Monday 8:15pm). Rather alone (Wednesday 5:41pm). Cancelled and most likely will never return. Clips: I hate Monday (Monday 8:23am). Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. thank you. I finally finished today, I began rewatching it two nights ago and I binged everything. De serie was een remake van het succesvolle Noorse Skam, wat 'schaamte' betekent in het Noors. Sherlock Vol. Jij & Ik (Saturday 12:30am). Eskild Tryggvassonis a recurring character in the second, third and fourth seasons. 15-23 minutes Don't do it (Thursday 8:58pm). The Netherlands Always sad to start a show you know isn't going to be continued :/ 3 comments. You don't have to be ashamed of anything (Friday 4:58pm). Kiss me (Friday 2:26pm). Fighting (Friday 10:31pm). Where were you? Proud (Zaterdag 19:00). Bobbie Koek Clips: Piesie poepse laar (Sunday 10:10am). SKAM NL. Hungover (Friday 8:46am). Natalie Anastop started this petition to npo3 and 3 others. In this set up, we follow one character throughout their journey of being a student in Nissen and the conflicts they experience with their friends, their partners, and their daily lives. SKAM NL tells the story of a group of teenager sets in high school in Utrecht, The Netherlands in their search for friendship, love, their own identity and overcoming fears. 2 Het is dagelijks te volgen via, Instagram en het SKAM NL … Truth (Saturday 5:45pm). Smh I was wondering the same. Clips: Follow request (Tuesday 3:15pm). I'm going crazy (Monday 10:13am). Girls (Wednesday 5:13pm). It will be alright (Saturday 6:32pm). Sorry (Thursday 4:38pm). Thanks to the amazing @ monkeynerd1, you can now download all raw SKAM NL episodes in full HD (1080p) quality! bekeken. The story of a group teenagers on a secondary school in Utrecht, The Netherlands. hide. Tongue for 5 euros?! What happened last night? SKAM NL | Aflevering 2 (S02) Afl. Clips: You're such a cliché (Sunday 8:13pm). What, now? Episodes (Thursday 4:29pm). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. NTRBeta Film (Monday 9:16am). They’re really in a relationship right now (Wednesday 8:11am). Currently, no announcement has been made on whether Skam NL has been renewed for a third season. 23 min 23 min nieuw. Skam NL save. Old me (Thursday 4:29pm). Nice with the girls (Tuesday 5:09pm). 10 comments. Later (Zaterdag 16:44). Press J to jump to the feed. Bad boys (Monday 12:18am). A Dutch adaptation was confirmed along with a German, French, Spanish and Italian versions by The Hollywood Reporter in October 2017.[1]. Close video. I know (Friday 1:30pm). report. this was just made for fun. Until we see each other again (Wednesday 3:30pm). Watched! Every Tuesday evening around 22:30, all videos of the week will be combined and broadcasted on NPO3. Dutch Truth (Saturday 5:45pm). Just different (Thursday 1:30pm). Toon meer. Clips: I miss you (Friday 10:07am). Production for the first season began in July 2018,[2] about one month later a trailer for the season was released on YouTube. bekeken. Yes or no (Tuesday 1:09pm). Clips: Curly-haired (Sunday 5:11pm). Negative energy (Sunday 4:25pm). [6] In February 2019, it was confirmed that the second season's first clip would premiere on March 18 and first episode would be released March 26, changing the airdate for full episodes from Sunday to Tuesday nights. Clips: Nevermind (Saturday 5:11pm). 16 min 16 min nieuw. (Sunday 1:04pm). Gone for a bit (Wednesday 7:00pm). SKAM NL is een serie over een groep jongeren in de tweede fase van hun middelbare school. If someone sees this... hi :) Freak (Friday 6:23pm). Isak has to hide the drugs belonging to him, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus at Eva's party when the police arrive, and he struggles to get it back. She has no friends except her boyfriend Kes and his friend Lucas. [7] Also in February, when the Season 2 cast list was revealed it did not include Sara Awin,[8] she later confirmed that character Imaan would not return on a Instagram story. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.,,,,,,,,, The reason it got cut in the first place, was because the company that produced skam NL was the same one that produced Eurovision, and because Eurovision was being held in the Netherlands, they didn't have enough money for a.o. Suus de NiesZoë Love Smith Location (Friday 12:11pm). i dont actually watch skam anymore so im not planning on updating links plus im sure there are plenty of other blogs around now too. SKAM NL can be followed daily via, Instagram and the SKAM NL YouTube-channel. Clips: Bullshit (Monday 2:32pm). Clips: Filming without permission (Saturday 4:28pm). Who you are (Thursday 4:30pm). Country sorry i'm just trying to see if there's abit of hope left ghsahjdk. I was there before the fame (Tuesday 9:43am). Do you want him, babe? (Tuesday 4:29pm). so it was an unofficial cancelation? Follow me (Wednesday 11:30am). Clips: Can I see your room? so my main blog go deactivated a year ago so i couldn’t log in and keep this blog updated or let anyone know what had happened and i’ve got so many messages about it and tumblr just randomly gave me my blog back so this is just a general update. Language sorry again!! hide. Funny (Tuesday 8:40am). Everything will be fine (Monday 4:03pm). 0 have signed. ! He doesn't respond (Thursday 2:17pm). 2 (Sunday 6:40am). But give Lucas his season though! Directed by Trouble (Friday 8:25pm). I want you to think of yourself as beautiful (Thursday 5:41pm). It's so underrated but it's actually really good! Skam NL was een Nederlandse serie voor jongeren die van september 2018 tot juni 2019 zowel online als via een televisiekanaal werd uitgezonden. Directed by Bobbie Koek. Live without you (Thursday 11:05am). Say Yes to the Dress (Thursday 12:51pm). You're the chick that Noah was with (Monday 5:11pm). Yeah, I think you’re more of a tiger (Thursday 4:23pm). I really am a shit friend (Wednesday 5:42pm). Chips (Thursday 2:30pm). Release But who are you? Developed by One wish (Saturday 20:00pm). Written by 2 - 2 apr 2019 22:30 . Clips: Blurred (Saturday 12:35am). SKAM NL . I mean never say never, but I do think it's best if we consider skam NL over. The clips are posted on the YouTube channel of the series. Fuck you (Thursday 3:28pm). The winner takes it all (Saturday 7:04pm). ! Seasons The story deals with Isak's sexuality, as well as his relationship with Even Bech Næsheim. Skinny bitch (Thursday 11:02pm). SKAM NL | Aflevering 1 (S02) Afl. Full bush baby (Thursday 11:00am). Starring 60% Upvoted. Archived. The whole trip (Sunday 10:55am). And because of corona, Eurovision is postponed to this year, wherefore the situation has basically stayed the same since the (unofficial) cancellation. report. Get another version Upload subtitles. (Wednesday 11:03am). SKAM NL. Netflix NL keeps teasing with jokes but I don’t thing it is going to happen. 18 min 18 min nieuw. Production Not okay (Monday 4:15pm). Laatste afleveringen. Clips: What happened?! Are you ever in love? One of Skam's most interesting features is how the series is released. Close. Cock blocker (Thursday 9:12am). On top (Friday 3:38pm). Clips: Good morning (Monday 8:00am). SKAM NL | Aflevering 10 (S02) He is the room-mate of Noora Amalie Sætre, Isak Valtersen and Linn Larsen Hansen. share. 1 - 26 mrt 2019 22:30 . De serie bestond uit losse uploads die de hele week op YouTube verschenen. [10] It was officially announced the series would not return for a third season, on September 27, 2019 due to budget cuts. SKAM NL is a TV show about a group of teens in high school. Skam NL shares the same format as the original series, which is posting clips throughout the week as well as social media posts and texts. SKAM NL | Aflevering 4 (S02) 19:49 Aflevering 16 apr 2019, 22:35 Serie over een groep jongeren in de tweede fase van hun middelbare school. Utrecht, The Netherlands In November 2018, the SKAM NL website changed it's header to say: "SKAM NL 2019" confirming it's return. No (Thursday 3:27pm). Bullshit (Sunday 8:46am). Let’s get to 1,000! Hollanda'nın Utrecht kentinte liselilerin arkadaşlıklarını aşklarını yeni oluşmaya başlayan karakterlerini ve korkularının nasıl üstesinden gelmelerinin gerektiklerini anlatan Skam serisinin Hollanda versiyonu. Skam NL S01E03 . No worries (Wednesday 3:13pm). Haven't you heard? Clips: She's not my girlfriend (Saturday 8:29am). Ghosted (Tuesday 2:30pm). 3 - 9 apr 2019 22:30 . Original network Series Info Clips: Let go (Monday 1:03pm). 2.Sezonu devam eden dizi… He seems nice, but he’s not trustworthy! Clips: Daydreamer (Sunday 9:19am). All posts will be archived on its website. Created by Clips: Zeroes (Monday 1:30pm).

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