The story spans a total of 247 pages. He calls himself Dalek Ahn and tells Leela that she will join him as his consort, Dalek Lee, Empress of the Daleks. The Tenth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who. The High Council gather for an emergency meeting, but they cannot figure out who actually called it or what it is about. In "Smith And Jones" Davies gave him the line "Judoon platoon upon the moon" supposedly just to mess with him. Lampshaded by Donna when she meets the Doctor for the second time in "Partners in Crime": Russell T. Davies is notorious atheist, so while this trope is present, the god complex that the Doctor develops is largely deconstructed, especially in this Doctor's last few episodes. They get into a fight and the Valeyard pulls a staser on the Doctor, and revises hisplan on the spot. Having arrived on Gallifrey, the first and latest Doctors head off to find some answers… narrowly missing bumping into the Eighth Doctor who has finally grasped the magnitude of what is going on! Grace gets called into emergency to consult on a peculiarity of a new patient’s X-ray and the mysterious appearance of twin hearts. The Tenth Doctor skulks about in the corridors in the archives section of Gallifrey. Just as the Ninth Doctor is about to take care of things, Dalek Ahn finds itself free enough to make an Emergency Temporal Shift, and escapes. The machine is activated and it begins to sap their minds, distilling their essences and loading it into Dalek Tor. The Fifth Doctor and the Master lead the warriors of the Federation on an The Keeper seems oddly familiar to him and he cannot place why. This little moment from "42" is a great example. So the Second and a Half Doctor calls for Glitz to fire a matter energy weapon blast directly into Omega…. Nyssa says a fond farewell to Tegan and the Fifth Doctor. perfect universe. The Fourth Doctor realizes that the Daleks are rounding the High Council up and leading them to the lab not so that they can extract information from them, but so that they can be used as genetic material for new Daleks to expand their numbers quickly, rather than waiting for a new batch to grow in a clone tank. The energy begins to discharge through the strained cables. As the Brigadier peeks out to guage the timing for an attack, a vintage cadillac-shaped TARDIS materializes in the middle of the lab. Meanwhile, in a pocket universe, somewhere between matter and anti-matter, Omega confronts the Celestial Toymaker about his progress in this big mysterious plan of theirs. The Doctor confronts the Guardians, informing them that the options they gave him are not acceptable. Grace HAS seen this before. Done with a clone of himself and Jackson Lake on two separate occasions. Rose has a major flip-out when she discovers that the Doctor has a FAMILY somewhere, somewhen. The Tenth Doctor learns something more about the Valeyard's plan. That perfect equalibrium was impossible and so began her campaign for universal perfect chaos. Meanwhile, old and new members of the Galactic Federation get together to discuss a situation that has arisen. The Third and Fifth Doctors arrive at a space port where a lot of warships are preparing for battle. The Fifth Doctor and his companions, Tegan and Turlough are fresh from The Five Doctors, fleeing from Gallifrey so the Doctor doesn't have to take office as Lord President, and already familiar with at least three of his other incarnations. The Lord President loses patience with Eight and sends him off to wait for the repairs of his TARDIS and suggests he be off while she's still feeling generous. help her get the woman to the hospital. The doors open behind him revealing a white void. Cited are such things as “The Arc of Infinity” from the episode of the same The Doctors fumble, then goof around, trying to explain the nature of time. While the rest of the gang are saying their goodbyes, the Meddling Monk shows up informing the Tenth Doctor that this is not quite over yet. While the First Doctor and many companions have a touching moment, a gravity bubble forms in the TARDIS within a TARDIS field, and they start to continue the plunge into the dying sun of Proammon. Leela pops in behind the Daleks at the last minute and the Doctor rushes back to save her, but the Rani pulls the lever anyway and they are all caught up in the blast. The Fourth Doctor and K9 investigate Ten's claim that the TARDISes will be powerless. The War Chief decides to find his own TARDIS and run for it. A bit of silly Doctorish banter follows with the two Doctors tossing the sample back and forth to confuse the Daleks. Doctor Who BBC. Captain Jack listens in and discovers, thanks to Jamie's explanation and lack of discretion, that Romana is, in Meanwhile the companions discuss their fate while a K9 sneaks up to the cell door. For the time being. Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction TV series in history, airing initially from 1963 to 1989. The Third and Fifth Doctors protest when they discover that the Federation fleet is going to engage the two Dalek forces over 21st century Earth. (an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension … The Fourth Doctor leads the Daleks on a merry chase down into the Temporal Engineering section. The Doctor is confronted by two young women in black and white Gallifreyan robes. On iPlayer. He is here because someone is trying to change the outcome of the Last Great Time War. So, Invokes the Master's catchphrase ("And you will obey me!") Meanwhile, down underground, the cybernetically enhanced Silurians are now left stranded without Cyberman controllers, and so they go into a fighting rage when they see the UNIT soldiers exploring the lab. They all share a celebratory hug. Following the events of The Runaway Bride, the Tenth Doctor goes to the Eye of Orion to reflect on the loss of Rose Tyler. Sabalom Glitz and Davros make their exchange. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. Just as the TARDIS pops and fizzes and gives up the ghost, another TARDIS materializes INSIDE (around) it, and several people rush out to rescue him. However, while they reminisce and sing old Prydonian pep rally songs, they are pulled off course by some mysterious force. Mel decides she is going to stick with Glitz and Drax and the Rani and the Second and a Half Doctor decides to stay with the Second Doctor. She orders the conversions to continue as starts on two more hapless Time Lords. While the Third and Seventh Doctors have a little talk with the Ninth Doctor about some interesting choices he's made recently, the Sixth Doctor, accompanied by Peri Brown, shows up in time to be indignant, and the First Doctor, accompanied by his granddaughter Susan, arrives in time to start making sense of it all. It turns out that his rigged up machinery took years off their lives and Leela is a teenager again. Which is a shock. The Master reveals two Earth space fighters he has held in reserve, suggesting that he and the Third Doctor join the pilots in the upcoming battle with the Daleks. Susan recieves the Second Doctor's telepathic message and becomes very concerned for her grandfather. priorities: save their emperor or capture the Doctor. The President of Gallifrey is converted to a Time Dalek and with the rest of her Dalek-ized council members unable to contact Dalek Ahn, she resumes her position as leader. description of the story so far, starting with the beginning of the universe. Out of this steps the Tenth Doctor. He pauses to look at the tactical display and exterior view screen in the Dalek sensor controls section of the ship. … The Second and Seventh Doctors have set the TARDIS to track the companions via the other TARDIS’ time track. One of the Time Daleks suggests removing her head for stronger processing, but Dalek Ahn refuses, destroying another Dalek when it questions his logic. The various Doctors keep warning him and Mel about the other two, but they are determined to stick together. There they find the main maint shunt valve. He uses a sonic lance and a bit of jiggery-pokery to break into the door and comes face to face with the Fourth Doctor. The Third Doctor sends the Fifth Doctor to accompany him. during ", Such moments include losing Rose to a parallel universe, almost being murdered in ". En route, they are ambushed by an ambitious Sontaran guard, but his glorious triumph is interrupted by the arrival of Drax's TARDIS, giving the Third Doctor a chance to apply some Venusian Aikido to his neck port. With it, the Ninth Doctor, Drax and K9 have been looking ahead and intervening around the timelines to set things back on course. Eight is concerned because very little has been going on. They attempt to find a way out and nearly run into a group of Cybermen who are about to awaken the still-dormant Silurians who have been outfitted with cybercontrol The Tenth Doctor attempts to get a grip with his weird emotional and temporal displacement rushes and gets some assistance from the Fifth Doctor, probably the most empathic of his previous incarnations. Meanwhile back on Gallifrey, Damon, the Doctor's friend and data services technician, has accidentaly discovered that someone on Gallifrey is communicating with the area of space once occupied by the Dalek homeworld, Skaro (now destroyed). But he is suddenly treated to the unexpected sight of the Capital blowing up. Martha walks through a crowded London street, discussing wedding party plans with various family members. Nyssa finally gets revenge on the man who killed her father and her whole planet. Apparently Drax found it broken in a scrapyard on Thoros Beta. I'm the Doctor. The Dalek reminds the Doctor of times in his early life when his impulsiveness and lack of discipline got him into serious trouble. The Guardians carry on with their summarization of the history of the universe. A TARDIS in the shape of a long shed materializes around the companions, then dematerializes, kidnapping them. Grace, with the help of Romana, nurses Nyssa out of danger and well on the road to recovery. Meanwhile the Fifth Doctor returns from Earth with the Brigadier, Sarah Jane and Jo who have been visiting with UNIT and Brigadier Bambara. The Master explains how he plans to use his new, augmented Sontarans to take over the universe. The battle rages between the Daleks, the Third, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Doctors, Leela and her freed children and the remains of the High Council. Meanwhile the Sontarans in the Federation Flagship have tracked him down and are preparing to blast their way through the sealed door.

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