Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque) | King Leonidas | Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque (2017)) | LeFou (2017) | Milo Murphy's Law Villains | Kronk | Mizrabel | Lava MonsterTe Pō (name in original drafts) Mr. Norton Nimnul | Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Gargoyles Villains | Volevamo incontrare persone che fossero cresciute sulle isole, volevamo ascoltare e imparare ciò che rende le culture delle isole del Pacifico così straordinarie Ron Clements (regista Oceania) “In principio c’era solo l’Oceano, finché non emerse l’isola madre Te … Tom, Dick, Stanley & Walter | Edgar Volgud | Massive in size, Te Kā towers above all who encounter her, and is usually depicted with a hollow scowl and an expressionless, skull-like face. Bandar Log (1998) | Not wanting to back away from her mission and confident that she can succeed, Moana continues to sail towards Te Fiti and directly by Te Kā, who tries to smite the duo. Black Scorpions (General Fang) | Stabbington Brothers | She then bids farewell to Moana and lays herself down to rest as the heroine returns home. Gustav the Giant | Te Fiti's power lies in her ability to generate life around her and her control over it as a goddess of life. Cufflingk and Underlingk | She is comprised completely out of lava, with molten skin and flames as her hair. Speed | He is voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who portrayed Joe Kingman in The Game Plan, Rockblock in G.I. According to legend, only the restoration of Te Fiti's heart can save the world from annihilation. Terrence Wheeler | Forty Thieves | Gem | Sea Monkeys | Star Wars Villains | Mr. Sir | Source Source Te Fiti is a major character in Disney's 2016 animated feature film Moana. However, one day, Te Fiti's heart was stolen by the demigod Maui in a misguided act of heroism. Te Fiti's sole purpose is to spread life across the ocean. Aside from water, which can temporarily solidify her lava form, Te Kā does not appear to have any true weaknesses. Haunted Mansion Villains | Willie | Jasper and Horace Badun (1996) | As Maui tried to escape on his boat, Te Kā rose from her cloud and attacked the demigod. Sa'Luk | Gogans | Flotsam & Jetsam | Hyena Clan (Shenzi, Banzai & Ed) | Vandevere | Pramod Kadam | Jasper & Horace | Te Kā Tapa. Soundtrack: Soundtrack Moana sylt werom nei it eilân fan Te Fiti, dêr't se Te Kā te fluch ôf is en troch in kleau yn 'e barriêre-eilannen hinne sylt. With her heart, she can create other islands teeming with flora and fauna, and affect these elements from afar, as shown by Te Kā's curse. John Merrick | Davy Jones | Alias Percival C. McLeach | Mountain Ox | Charles "Trout" Walker | The only way to truly "defeat" her is to subdue her long enough to return Te Fiti's heart to its rightful place. Morgana | Oceania, collective name for the islands scattered throughout most of the Pacific Ocean.The term, in its widest sense, embraces the entire insular region between Asia and the Americas.A more common definition excludes the Ryukyu, Kuril, and Aleutian islands and the Japan archipelago. Sheriff | Ned | As an all-powerful goddess, Te Fiti used her life-giving heart to spread the gift of life across the world, creating multiple islands that would be inhabited by flora, fauna, and humans. Feature films Crimes Mighty Ducks Villains | DuckTales Villains | Cruella De Vil (1996) | Boreas | As an island goddess, Te Fiti has the ability to produce and generate life, as she can instantly grow plants (both flora and fauna) around barren lands with a single touch and manipulate her body to form a terrain during her slumber. Eddie Taffet | Rufus Sorghum | James Reynolds | Zeus | Art director of characters Bill Schwab described her as "the most challenging character to design in the film". Tabaqui (1998) | Chato | Foxy Loxy | Moana (also known as Vaiana or Oceania, in some markets) is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated musical adventure film produced by … Revived after her heart was restored by Moana. RoboGadget | Injun Joe | Villains | To retrieve the heart of Te Fiti (succeeded) Kramer | Amphibia Villains | Nizam | Although an original character, Te Fiti draws parallels with similar goddesses in Polynesian lore: Te Kā bears similarities to the religious Hawaiian figure, Te Fiti's story role and the "Te Po" name initially given to Te Kā resemble ". Snerbert | After losing her heart, Te Fiti is blinded by anger and rage as she smites the world in an act of vengeance. Inspector Fix | Nazi School Teacher | Just as Maui is about to accept his fate in order to protect Moana, the latter gains Te Kā's attention by shining the heart of Te Fiti's light in the distance. Mr. Big | Filled with a spectacular array of exotic destinations and award winning culinary programs, Oceania Cruises awaits your discovery. Doug Ramses | Club Penguin Villains | Paraphernalia Shere Khan (1998) | After her heart had been stolen by Maui, she became Te Kā… Despite their differing ideals, both elements add to the planet. According to legend, only the restoration of Te Fiti's heart can end the blight. Nature, giving life, being whole, Moana's heroism Scarfield | Ricky King | Cattlemen | Devon & Rex | Sir Hiss | Lock, Shock & Barrel | Shere Khan (1994) | Moana: Rhythm Run Destructive Dark Form, Lava MonsterDemon of Earth and FireFire DemonThe Mother IslandThe Burning OnePele (by some fans), Superhuman StrengthFireball ProjectionRegenerationChlorokinesis. Pain & Panic | Oswald Granger | Charles Hendrickson | The most popular usage delimits Oceania … Evanora | East India Trading Company | Bandar Log (2016) (King Louie (2016)) | Old Man Tree | Jack and Ralph | Sorta di apocalisse … Nigel Snyder | Cy-Bugs | Smith & Wesson | Henry Burke | All are found in the legends and myths of the South Pacific, also known as Oceania. Natalya | 26 viesu atsauksmes un 45 fotogrāfijas gaida jūs vietnē As Maui made a hasty escape on his boat, a vengeful Te Kā rose from her cloud and confronted him. Apaches | Erik Hellstorm | He then distracts Te Kā again while Moana reaches the island of Te Fiti although her boat is destroyed by Te Kā in the process. Fritz | Doug & Gordon | The Wolf | Should someone call to this aspect, as Moana does during the climax, she will slowly ease her tension and succumb to her inner gentle nature. General Otmin | Sark | Von Talon | Delancy Brothers | The Marten | Cardinal Richelieu | Cloak & Dagger | Jesters | Box office. Si & Am | Fantasia Villains | Rosie Little | King Ferdinand VI | Lloyd Halverson | She turns herself into molten rock, and Moana places the heart into the spiral of Te Kā's chest. Goal As a reward for helping Moana restore the heart, Te Fiti recreates Maui's fishhook, which had been previously destroyed by Te Kā. Dr. Facilier | Maui is the deuteragonist ofMoana. Giants (Bloodbottler & Bonecruncher) | Colonel Heller | Gag Halfrunt | Spectrus | ... Oceania … Dr. Terminus | Sofia the First Villains | Ed Dillinger Sr. | Trigger & Nutsy | Pirates of the Caribbean Villains | Star vs. the Forces of Evil Villains | Queen Grimhilde | Diaval | Appearance Towering, slender figure with skin made of volcanic magma, yellow eye holes, yellow interior mouth, flaming hair Humma Kavula | As it was Maui who was responsible for the theft of Te Fiti's heart (and not mankind as a whole, thus making them innocent), Te Kā can be painted as a vindictive entity. Troll | Te Fiti, as well as her Te Kā aspect, is an enormous embodiment of the earth, but her appearance differs between the two forms. Retrieving the heart of Te Fiti. Luke & Tinker | Mad Hatter | Bigfoot Mason | Vogons | Marvel Animated Movie Universe Villains | Patton Sr. | Beauty and the Beast Villains | Moana Should someone call to it, as Moana did during the climax, she will slowly ease her tension and succumb to her inner, gentle nature. Jolly Roger | Moana Eagle | Mark Pierson | Madame Medusa | S.I.R. Max & Thor | Bori Khan | Cherokee | Cheshire Cat | Te Fiti is first seen in traditional animation during Gramma Tala's opening story. Tetti-Tatti | Good Zira | Vicky Robinson | Little Einsteins Villains | Te Fiti In the game, Pokémon evolve into different Pokémon, and as such, Te Kā evolved into Te Fiti at the end of the game. Maui then turns into a hawk and tries to fly past her, only to be struck from the sky several times. When her island becomes endangered due to the threat posed by an angry Te Kā… Sarousch | He loses both his magical giant fishhook and the heart to the depths of the sea. Frozen Villains | Personality Sergeant Harley | Nessus | Yokai | Evil-doer Weasels | Origin Aaron Burr | Jack-in-the-Box | Alice in Wonderland Villains | Da quel momento, non si seppe più nulla … Pap Finn | Krakken | Sparky | Frollo's Soldiers (Captain Phoebus, Brutish Captain, Oafish Guard, Pierrat Torturue & Henriet Cousin) | Background information Cave of Wonders (2019) | Hercules Villains | Oqeania (ndonjëherë Oceanica) është një rajon gjeografik (shpesh gjeopolitik) i përbërë nga toka të shumta; kryesisht ishuj në Oqeanin Paqësor.Ky term përdoret në shumë gjuhë për të … Alien | Allora capisce: Te Fiti è Te Kā. Alonzo Hawk | Alonzo | Bullwhip | Cinderella Villains | She is able to create life—an ability used to create the islands of Polynesia. Moana diz ao oceano para abrir um caminho, permitindo que ela retorne o coração de Te … Hamilton Thorne is a leading provider of advanced laser systems and computer aided sperm analysis (CASA) systems. Furious at Moana for endangering their lives despite his orders to turn away, and knowing that one more blow from Te Kā to his hook will destroy it forever, Maui leaves her. With the heart finally restored, Te Kā ceases to exist as the molten rock crumbles into pieces, reverting to her true form as Te Fiti. Allies Te KāLava MonsterDemon of Earth and FireFire DemonThe Mother IslandThe Burning OnePele (by some fans) Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | Shadow Blot | Vulcan | Prince John (1952) | Their battle resulted in the loss of the heart, and as punishment for his crimes, Te Kā banished Maui to a desolate spit of land in the middle of the open ocean, where he would be doomed to remain stranded for eternity. Gilbert Sipes | Sykes | Chief | John Ricketts | Arpine Lusene | Beast | Commander Heist | Mr. Wesley | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her body is covered in lush flora and trees; clusters of flowers adorn her grassy hair similar to a headdress. Over the time, Te Fiti's heart became a much-desired treasure. She then liberates the world from the curse placed by Te Kā At this moment, Moana notices the swirling spiral on Te Kā's chest and comes to an extremely stunning and impressive realization: Te Kā is actually Te Fiti without her heart. Angelica Teach | As a living island, she can grow plants of all sizes and can manipulate the terrain around her body, as well as change size seen just before she returns to a dormant state near the end of the film. Nebula Ghosts | Big Hero 6 Villains | Rat | Grand Duke (2015) | Abis Mal | Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana Leland Drury | Scar (2019) | Coachman's Minions | Duke of Weselton | Wander Over Yonder Villains | Al Roker | Chernabog | Mother Island Linda Walker | Zeke Midas Wolf | Demon of earth and fire Fillmore! BluffCo Industries (Guy Graham, Bob & Bluff Agents) | Dr. Frankenollie | Dijon | Adolf Hitler | Mama Gunda | Chillie Walsh | Walrus & Carpenter | Ab Cross | Full Name Aldrin Klordane | Joe Retaliation, Chuck Baker in Planet 51, … Charlotte | Orddu, Orwen & Orgoch | Their battle resulted in the loss of both the heart and Maui's fish hook which was later recovered by the giant crab Tamatoa and added to his collection of treasures. Ram Thug | Yzma | Cerberus | Old Joe | As Te Kā, most of her abilities are derived from her elemental control over fire, lava, and magma. Animators Source. Gantu | Polar Bear Thugs (Koslov, Raymond & Kevin) | Sergeant Clairbourne | Maleficent (2014) | Only the mischievous and highly-regarded Maui was daring enough to invade Te Fiti's shores in hopes of giving her heart to mortals as a gift. Over the time, Te Fiti's heart became a much-desired treasure. Sleeping Beauty Villains | Vikings | Jacques Lebeau | Mad Doctor | Makoos | While Te Fiti is a largely compassionate entity, Te Kā is - quite literally - a heartless creature with a fiery disposition. Skeleton Pirates | Moana descobre que Te Fiti está desaparecido e percebe que Te Kā é Te Fiti, corrompido sem o coração. Shere Khan | Moana: Rhythm Run Goal Sylvester Shyster | "Kā" is also a possessive particle in most Polynesian languages, which fits the character's loss of identity. Duke Weaselton | Judge Doom | She then placed herself into an eternal slumber, with her body forming into an island. Grace Goodwin | Type of Villain Descendants Villains | Suzi | Oswald Gardner | Agent Woods | On the opposite side, Te Kā is manifested by lava and magma which, when combined with water, creates land. Sinon Bar Sinister | Buzz | Jafar | Samuel Mason | Mr. Eben | Timber Wolf | Tony Perkis | Narnia Villains | Dr. Kozak | Te Kā: è l'antagonista principale, una terribile e mostruosa creatura di lava ispirata a Pele, la divinità del fuoco e dei vulcani nella mitologia hawaiana. Dark Dragon | Gravity Falls Villains | Wynnchel & Duncan | Enemies Crew of the Flying Dutchman (Maccus & Kraken) | Captain Crocodile | Zombies | Arawn | Scar | Si rivelerà essere Te Fiti che, straziata per la perdita del cuore, rivela il suo aspetto distruttore. Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains | Louise Walker | Goddess of life Our systems are used in a variety of fields including regenerative … Sabor | Gaston LeGume (2017) | The Watcher | The Witch | Parade: Magic Happens Black Triangles | Kingdom Hearts Villains | Gazeem | Thantos DuBaer | But before they can reach the shores of Te Fiti, Te Kā emerges and attacks them. Both Te Fiti and Te Kā are goddesses of the earth, albeit in differing ways. King George ll | Moana gently rests her forehead on the bridge of Te Kā's face before placing the heart back into her chest. Master Gracey | However, Te Kā sends a giant wave at Moana, causing her boat to capsize. Fates | Te Kā acts as a demonic guardian and prevents anyone from approaching Te Fiti's shores. Headlined Villain - Erik Killmonger (MCU),ā?oldid=4173554. Nome King | Content that Maui learned his lesson, Te Fiti warmly forgives him and revives the dying islands across the world, as well as Moana's boat and Maui's fish hook. Summer: Summer Blast, Selfless, charitable, sensitive, nurturing, graceful, forgiving, powerful, radiant, gentle, Towering, slender figure with skin made of lush flora, dark green lips, dark green eyebrows, green eyes, To spread the gift of life across the world, Nature, giving life, being whole, Moana's heroism, Destruction, the theft of her heart, Maui's reckless mischief, The ability to create life through the power of her heart, Revived after her heart was restored by Moana. Sarah Sanderson | Parker | Rat (2019) | Because of her godly status, she was also able to create and recreate items previously destroyed, such as Moana's boat and Maui's fish hook (which itself was a weapon forged by the gods). Thomas Jefferson | Rinzler | Maestro Forte | Professor Siles | Vaiana realizza infine che Te Kā altri non è che Te Fiti stessa senza più il suo cuore, ed è infine impazzita. Despite this, Te Fiti's purity lies deep within Te Kā. ... Phim sẽ mang tên Oceania … Program Guards | As a result of its removal, the island fell into darkness, and the physical entity of Te Fiti morphed into a negative shell of her former self: Te Kā. Roscoe & DeSoto | Te Kā is depicted as one of Maui's tattoos, as the aftermath of their battle for the heart of Te Fiti is illustrated on the latter's back. Pluto's Devil | Treasure Planet Villains | Te Kā's lava skin turns to molten rock and crumbles away, releasing Te Fiti from her age-long torment. Dawn Bellwether | Vermithrax Pejorative | Mark Jennings | Alistair Patton | Ripslinger | She can even regenerate her hands when severed within seconds. Shelley | The Lion King Villains | Moving with gentle grace, often seen with a tranquil expression to match her radiant features, Te Fiti is selflessness and purity incarnate. Supreme Commander | Mrs. Satterfield | Enemies Always surrounding her slender form is a dense pyrocumulus cloud, coupled with bolts of lightning and volcanic ash. Diablo the Raven | Sour Bill | Captain Nemo | Artemis Fowl Villains | Bandar Log (King Louie) | LeFou | Prince John | Bookman | However, she could also rejuvenate the life in islands Te Kā's curse had once affected. Bowler Hat Guy | Firebird | Pixar Villains | Lucifer (2015) | Erik & Francis | Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz | Quello che manca in Oceania – e che manca più in generale nei film d’animazione proposti negli ultimi anni – è un vero villain di cui vengano approfondite la psicologia e la storia. Jafar (2019) | Ratso Ratzkiwatzki | Jadis' Secret Police (Maugrim & Vardan) | Eli Squinch | Hector Barbossa | Bradley Uppercrust III | How about Pele (Te Kā) the volcano goddess, a giant crab, and the not so cute little Kakamora? Fantomius | Heffalumps and Woozles | She has no legs, her lower half made of a shapeless mass of lava, and she moves about by crawling with her hands. William Boone | Edgar Balthazar | Maui bỏ đi vì e rằng nếu quay trở lại chiến đấu với Te Kā sẽ phá huỷ chiếc móc của mình vĩnh viễn. Headless Horseman | Kendall Duncan | Ms. Stout | Shan Yu | The Wolf | Wu | However, Te Fiti disintegrates, and Maui is attacked by another who seeks the heart: Te Kā, a volcanic demon. King Henry | Kaa | Queen of Hearts | Brutus & Nero | Meanwhile, Maui continues to fight, despite his fish hook having been destroyed. Kakamora | Card Soldiers | Sheriff of Notthingham | Havershaw | Animated Features Moana also asks the ocean to clear a path, allowing Te Kā to crawl towards her. Moana (also known as Vaiana [4] or Oceania, [5] in some markets) is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated musical adventure film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and … Also, because of the loss of the heart, all the islands that Te Kā has created were cursed, slowly causing the destruction of food supply, flora, and fauna, thus making it impossible for humanity to survive. Bruton | Wolf Arrowmen | Plot. Lana Thomas | Fortunately, Moana manages to do so, but she finds that Te Fiti is nowhere to be found. The ability to create life through the power of her heart Kron | Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Pirates (Scroop, Onus, Hands, Turnbuckle, Blinko, Longbourne, Fayvoon, Grewnge, Krailoni, Hedley, Torrance, Mertock, Verne, Crex & Zoff) | Joseph Pulitizer | To spread the gift of life across the world Nhưng Te Kā đã làm hỏng nghiêm trọng chiếc móc câu của Maui và đẩy lùi thuyền của họ ra biển. Te Kā is made up almost entirely of effects animation. Latham Cole | Miners | Yn 'e lagune stiet se lykwols bleat oan 'e fjoerballen dy't de demon efter har oan goait. Buldeo | Emmett | She then placed herself into an eternal slumber, with her body forming into an island. Video games: Moana: Island Life • Moana: Rhythm Run • Disney Emoji Blitz • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode • Disney Magic Kingdoms • Disney Sorcerer's Arena Neils Skellig | Goosey Loosey | Phantom Blot | Borg Guillarson | Nigel | Wildebeests (Blag) | | Vidia | Naktsmītne Complejo Oceanía, La Paloma – rezervējiet ar Zemākās cenas garantiju! When she saw Te Fiti was gone she was shocked for a moment and then she discoverd that Te ka was Te Fiti because she had the place to put it in the middle. Maria Reynolds | Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear | She values nature and the beauty that comes alongside it. Tarzan Villains | Destruction, the theft of her heart, Maui's reckless mischief There is simply no better way to cruise than aboard the intimate, elegant ships of Oceania … Ivan Krank | Neverland Pirates (Mr. Smee) | King George III | Despite his demigod status, Maui's cruel upbringing would forever s… With Te Kā in her place, the islands that Te Fiti created are slowly consumed by a life-killing darkness. Jim Bob | Te Kā is quite literally a heartless and destructive creature with a fiery disposition. Woolter | Powers and abilities Jacques von Hamsterviel | Princess Mombi | Werecat Lady | The development name for Te Kā/Te Fiti, "Te Po" means "the dark one" in the same language. In earlier versions of the movie, the lava antagonist of the film was named "Te Po", and was described as a brutal and villainous land spirit. Wolves | Hades | Mack McCro | Alexander Hamilton | Thugs (Fidget, Felicia & Bartholomew) | King Stefan (2014) | Peter Thorndyke | Fleshlumpeater | Horned King | Pinocchio Villains | Despite this, after an inspirational visit from the spirit of Gramma Tala, Moana refuses to give up. She was once the benevolent island goddess Te Feti, but after her heart was stolen by the demigod Maui, she became a destructive lava demon. Mr. Whiskers | Connie | Anastasia Tremaine (2015) | Vaiana chiede quindi all'Oceano di creare un passaggio affinché Te Kā possa avvicinarsi a lei, poi canta una canzone chiedendo a Te Kā … Image size. Jennifer Stone | Fate Zaphod Beeblebrox | Her heart Milady de Winter | The Jungle Book Villains | James Hook |