[38][39][40], On 31 May, the M5S and the League announced their new agreement on a Conte-led government with Giovanni Tria as Minister of Economy and Finance and Savona as Minister of European Affairs. Savona resigned to become President of the, Minister of Education, University and Research, Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Minister for Parliamentary Relations and Direct Democracy, "New prime minister sworn in to lead populist Italian government", "Italy: Conte to lead 'government of change, "M5S and League agree contract for Italy's 'government of change, "IItaly's New Government Is Steve Bannon's Dream Come True", "Il governo è giallo-blu (non giallo-verde) e 'legastellato'. Hann tók við embætti þann 1. júní 2018. The centre-left coalition, built around the Democratic Party (PD) led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, came third. [47], On 12 June, the cabinet appointed 6 deputy ministers and 39 undersecretaries. Since 1974, Conte's Corvettes & Classics has been serving the needs of automobile enthusiasts with quality Corvette, Classic, and Muscle Car sales (40 or more always in stock), new and used Corvette parts for sale, and expert Corvette service ranging from oil changes to complete mechanical & cosmetic restorations, including performance upgrades. [77], The coalition has pledged to use direct democracy via referendum. They also intend to review all monthly pensions exceeding the amount contributed while working by more than 5,000 euros. With delegation to sport, to the CIPE, to the implementation of the government program, to space and aerospace policies and to sports betting. [71] On the following day, Spain accepted the passengers of the Aquarius. [52] The M5S received four deputy ministers while the League received two. The Conte I Cabinet was the 65th cabinet of the Italian Republic. Governo Conte II – governo italiano in carica dal 5 settembre 2019 Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 9 lug 2020 alle 14:48. Bonafede: «Minaccia irresponsabile» Conte: «L’accordo sul Reccovery Fund è storico». [55], Conte announced his resignation on August 20, 2019, averting a no-confidence vote promoted by Matteo Salvini. They also pledged to reduce the waiting times for a specialist visit or for emergency care in public hospitals.

Il s'agit de la première équipe depuis 2006 à compter deux vice-présidents du Conseil. In August 2019, Matteo Salvini , Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the League, announced a motion of no confidence against the government, after growing tensions within the majority. [78], The parties have pledged to reform the public health system to minimize inefficiencies and wastefulness of resources. Governo, Conte annuncia i ministri: Gualtieri all'Economia, Lamorgese all'Interno, Di Maio agli Esteri. Giuseppe Conte ( Volturara Appula, 8 augustus 1964) is een Italiaans advocaat, hoogleraar en politicus. Nell'estate del 1982 con i suoi gol ha regalato un sogno a intere generazioni. [13] Ricardo Merlo, the leader of MAIE, was also named Undersecretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 12 June 2018. Ora al lavoro alla Camera. Conte a Salvini: "Il governo finisce qui" "Caro ministro, caro Matteo, se vuoi la crisi ritira i ministri", dice con fermezza Conte. The government contract features the digitalization of the public health system, enhanced transparency, improved governance in the pharmaceutical sector, centralization of purchases, fight against corruption, new procedures for the accreditation of private clinics, implementation of tele-medicine and improvement of home care. Sinds 1 juni 2018 is hij de 58e premier van Italië . After the 2018 general election the Five Star Movement (M5S), which had come first in the election, and the League agreed to form a coalition government led by Giuseppe Conte, the Conte I Cabinet. Immigrati regolari non hanno nulla da temere. [45] On June 5, the Italian Senate approved the new government in a vote of confidence. E si riapre l'ipotesi di un governo Lega-M5s", "Lega-5Stelle, intesa sui ministri. [63][64][65] Conte also proposed to lift off the international sanctions against Russia. Furthermore, the parties intend to promote the national productions within the trading treaties between the European Union and other countries and to protect the Made in Italy brand through proper labeling. Ci penserò, "Pd, Martina: "Fiducia a Cottarelli". [48][49][50][51] Of all these appointments, 25 were M5S members, 17 League members, two non-party independents and one member of the Associative Movement Italians Abroad (MAIE). [62] During his speech before the investiture vote in the Italian Senate on 5 June, Conte announced his willingness to reduce illegal immigration and increase the contrast to human traffickers and smugglers. Let's stop the business of illegal immigration". [67] Salvini laid out a three-point program to contrast illegal immigration, including increasing the number of repatriation centers, reducing immigration and increasing deportations of those who don't qualify for asylum. It has also been referred to as the "government of change" (Italian: governo del cambiamento) after the name of the political agreement signed by the two parties,[2][3] or the "yellow-green government" (governo gialloverde), based on their customary colours,[4] while it has been called the "yellow-blue government" (governo gialloblù) by the League, due to its new official colour under Salvini's leadership. Alfonso Bonafede Giuseppe Conte Governo Conte 2 MES Movimento 5 Stelle Articolo Precedente “Tra 15 giorni probabilmente tutta Italia sarà in zona gialla”: le parole del ministro Boccia [62], The coalition intends to promote a reform of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union in a way that supports the Italian agriculture, but at the same time protects landscape and water resources and guarantees food safety. The Conte I Cabinet was the 65th cabinet of the Italian Republic. [68] The policy document calls for the deportation of Italy's estimated 500,000 undocumented immigrants "as a priority". With delegation to publishing and information, and to the policies aimed at the reconstruction of earthquake areas. The cabinet was formed by a coalition between the Five Star Movement and the League, but it also contained some independents proposed by each party (including the Prime Minister). With delegation to equal opportunities, youth, and national civil service. This is "Intervento di Liliana Segre al Senato per la fiducia al Governo Conte 5 giugno 2018" by ANPI on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the… È stato il simbolo di una Nazionale e di un'Italia, unita e tenace, … Di Maio: Premier sarà un amico del popolo", "M5s e Lega da Mattarella. [59], The two parties signed a contract on a shared program on various measures. [72], On 18 June 2018, Salvini announced the government would conduct a census of Romani people in Italy for the purpose of deporting all who are not in the country legally. [23][24][25] Despite reports in the media suggesting that President Mattarella had significant reservations about the direction of the new government,[26] Conte was invited at the Quirinal Palace to receive the presidential mandate to form a new cabinet on May 23. #politica #italia #italy #salvini #lega #governo #politics #news…” Stark-Condé Wines is a boutique winery located in the heart of the picturesque Jonkershoek Valley. [56] On 23 May, Conte was invited to the Quirinal Palace to receive the presidential mandate to form a new cabinet. Press alt + / to open this menu La composizione del governo Conte bis confrontata con il precedente governo Conte: il PD ha 9 ministri mentre la Lega ne aveva 7. On 27 May, President Mattarella refused to appoint Savona, and Conte renounced his task after days of negotiation and an ultimatum by the two party leaders on Savona's nomination. Owners Hans & Midori Schroder have been on the property since 1989. M5S: "Il Colle ha posto veto su Savona". Read full articles, watch videos, browse thousands of titles and more on the "Governo Conte" topic with Google News. as "souverainist".[8][9][10][11]. Tria all'Economia", "Nasce il governo Conte. [73][74][75] However, this measure was criticized as unconstitutional and was attacked by the opposition and also by some members of the M5S.[76]. Verifica governo, Conte avvia colloqui: M5S prova a stoppare il rimpasto Tutti a carte semi-scoperte, in attesa del redde rationem tra e . Governo, Renzi: «Conte chieda scusa o sarà crisi». They also plan to devote special attention to the issues raised by climate change and pollution. [15], The March 2018 general election resulted in a hung parliament. › GOVERNO Conte e lo spettro della crisi: il premier avvia la verifica. Di Maio-Salvini: "Ci sono le condizioni per un governo politico". [46] On June 6, the government was confirmed following the vote of confidence in the Chamber of Deputies. Conte II Cabinet regional composition map.png 2,000 × 2,300; 240 KB Giulio Calvisi daticamera.jpg 165 × 228; 62 KB Giuramento Governo Conte II.jpg 3,543 × 2,362; 1.81 MB The Government of Change pledged to reform the Italian tax system by introducing flat taxes for businesses and individuals, with a no-tax area for low-income households and corrections to keep some degree of tax progression (as required by the Constitution). Replacing in the second selection original candidate Mauro Coltorti (M5S). Centrodestra prima coalizione. Brothers of Italy (FdI),[14] the parties representing liguistic minorities (Valdostan Union, South Tyrolean People's Party and Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party) and one deputy from USEI do not support the government, but affirmed their willingness to vote for measures that reflect their respective ideologies. It was led by Giuseppe Conte , an independent , and it was in office from 1 June 2018 to 5 September 2019. [31][32][33], On 28 May, President Mattarella summoned Carlo Cottarelli (a former director of the International Monetary Fund) and gave him the task to form a new government. Ma Salvini: "Alleanza con Fi? [21][22], On 21 May, private law professor and M5S advisor Giuseppe Conte was proposed by Di Maio and Salvini for the role of Prime Minister. Mi sembra solo buonsenso", "Italy 'to shut ports' to boat carrying over 600 refugees", "Migranti, l'Italia sfida Malta. He also advocated a fight against political corruption, the introduction of a law which regulates the conflict of interests, a new bill which expands the right of self-defense, a tax reduction and a drastic cut to politics' costs, thanks to the annuities' abolition. Finally, the parties plan to arrest land consumption through strategies of urban renewal, retrofit of private and public buildings and infrastructure, with increase of energy efficiency and the promotion of distributed energy generation. [58], On August 29, Mattarella tasked Conte with the formation of a new cabinet, a coalition of Five Star Movement and Democratic Party. [62], The parties pledged to increase the public awareness about environmental issues and enforce measures of prevention and maintenance of the environment in order to mitigate the risk related to landslides, hydrogeology and floods. Il leader leghista: "Torniamo al voto", "Governo, Carlo Cottarelli convocato al Colle lunedì mattina", "Cottarelli accetta l'incarico: "Senza fiducia il Paese al voto dopo agosto, "Berlusconi: "No alla fiducia e centrodestra unito al voto". Governo Conte (dal 01/06/2018 al 04/09/2019) XVIII Legislatura The government is also supported by the National Movement for Sovereignty, the Sardinian Action Party and the Italian Liberal Party (whose senators sit in the League group). Conte: "Basta business dei migranti, daspo per corrotti e corruttori", "Conte: tasse eque, salario minimo e giù debito con la crescita", "Comunicazioni del Presidente del Consiglio dei ministri. Replacing in the second selection original candidate Luca Giansanti (independent). They also intend to promote a circular economy for a sustainable waste management based on enhanced recycling and regeneration. Conte starfaði sem prófessor í einkarétti áður en hann hóf þátttöku í stjórnmálum. [62], The parties intend to practically implement the result of the 2011 referendum on public water, which resulted in the repeal of the law allowing the privatization of water services. However, he held only informal consultations with the President on 29 and 30 May, awaiting the possible formation of a "political government". Riparte la trattativa giallo-verde", "Di Maio: "Impeachment non più sul tavolo". Il testo è disponibile secondo la licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo; possono applicarsi condizioni ulteriori. M5S and League leaders met with President Mattarella on 14 May and asked for an additional week of negotiations. [57] On August 22, Mattarella said some parties were trying to form "a solid majority" and he gave these political parties until August 27 to report back to him, after which he would hold two more days of consultations. [27][28] In his statement after the appointment, Conte said that he would be the "defense attorney of Italian people". Riccardo Fraccaro, a M5S long time advocate of such votes, became the world's first Minister for Direct Democracy, advocating a lowering of the 50% participation quorum for referendum to be valid and the introduction of citizens' initiatives for new laws. Si teme per l'economia", "Il governo populista M5S -Lega non convince i media stranieri", "La Lega sovranista di Salvini non è quella federalista e liberista di Miglio", "Il matrimonio inevitabile tra sovranismo e statalismo", "Estate sovranista di Salvini e Di Maio, il nuovo potere che abbraccia il vecchio", "Si rafforzano i numeri di Conte al Senato, tocca quota 171 sì", "Meloni: «Astensione sulla fiducia, ma voteremo i provvedimenti buoni»", "Governo Conte, i numeri dei voti di fiducia: la maggioranza senza pensieri (anche grazie a ex M5s e sudamericani)", "Elezioni 2018: M5S primo partito, nel centrodestra la Lega supera FI", "Elezioni politiche: vincono M5s e Lega. [36][37] Cottarelli was expected to submit his list of ministers for approval to President Mattarella on 29 May. [66], The coalition's immigration policy is led by Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, a strong opponent of illegal immigration. Inter boss Antonio Conte said bad luck was more to blame than his side's defending for their 2-1 defeat to Milan in Saturday's Derby della Madonnina. Di Maio: "Conte premier di governo politico". 2016 Copyright LA7 S.p.A - P.IVA 12391010159 Licenza SIAE 3344/I/3215. ][6][7] and its policies (and more specifically those of the League) have been described by Italian newspapers[which?] Ora è ufficiale", "Di Maio-Salvini: "governo populista che scuote la vecchia Europa". Ora il governo è al completo (11 donne su 65)", "Governo Conte, le nomine di 39 sottosegretari e 6 viceministri", "La squadra di governo è completa: tutte le nomine fatte da Lega e M5s", "Lega-M5S: Di Maio si tiene le telecomunicazioni", "Legislatura 18ª - Aula - Resoconto stenografico della seduta n. 009 del 05/06/2018", "Resoconto stenografico dell'Assemblea Seduta n. 12 di mercoledì 6 giugno 2018 (Definitivo)", "Italy's Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, Resigns, Turning Chaos Into Uncertainty", "Italy's president accepts Conte's resignation, calls for consultations", "Italy's president gives parties to Tuesday to build majority", Italian Companies and Exchange Commission, "Contratto per il Governo del Cambiamento", "Governo alla prova. Massimo Garavaglia, Lega: "Clima surreale, prima... Augusto Minzolini, Il Giornale: "Questo governo si fa... Dario Nardella, PD: "Intanto l'Italia ha un... Dario Franceschini: 'Dobbiamo cercare una sintesi e non... Gianrico Carofiglio: 'Il governo PD - M5S ha un... Claudio Amendola: 'Questo governo giallorosso lo... Alessandra Ghisleri: 'Matteo Salvini non è stato... Aldo Giannuli: 'Salvini c'ha pensato da solo a... Gianni Cuperlo, PD: 'Governo PD - M5S positivo per il... Mario Giordano: 'Se fossi convinto che Salvini è un... Elsa Fornero: 'Discontinuità positiva perché ho... Giorgio Pizzol, dopo essersi 'riloggato' sulla... 100 Auguri Alberto - Questa settimana omaggio al grande Sordi, Le previsioni meteorologiche di Paolo Sottocorona. In tutto 39 sottosegretari e 6 viceministri", "Giurano i sottosegretari. La composizione del governo Conte bis confrontata con il precedente governo Conte: il PD ha 9 ministri mentre la Lega ne aveva 7. Salvini: chiudiamo i porti", "Malta and Spain offer safe port to stranded migrant ship", "Italy to compile 'register' of Roma people: Matteo Salvini", "Matteo Salvini wants Gypsy census in Italy", "Far-right Italy minister vows 'action' to expel thousands of Roma", "Salvini shock: "Censimento sui rom, quelli italiani purtroppo ce li dobbiamo tenere". 18 Likes, 0 Comments - hashtag • il • baffo (@peppe_conte.gale_dorian) on Instagram: “.la sintesi 20.08.2019. They intend to promote a green economy and support research, innovation and training for ecology-related employment to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of the industry and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. [41][42] Subsequently, President Mattarella summoned for the second time Conte, who announced the list of ministers. Accessibility Help. Fraccaro sottosegretario alla presidenza dopo lite tra il premier e il capo politico M5S By governo Conte, Davide Piacenza davidepiacenza.it — (foto: Amin Moshrefi/Unsplash)Sono passati più di due mesi da quando «Mattia», il cosiddetto «paziente 1» di Codogno, portava suo malgrado lo spettro del coronavirus in Italia (in realtà è un dato ormai molto probabile che il patogeno si trovasse alle nostre latitudini già da dicembre, a voler essere precisi). [53], On 5 June 2018, the Conte I Cabinet was granted the confidence of the Senate by receiving 171 votes in favor and 117 votes against (25 senators abstained; 7 senators did not vote, among which 6 were absent). Presentata a Mattarella la lista dei ministri. Son-in-law Jose is the cellarmaster, while daughter Marie runs the popular Postcard Cafe. At its birth, the government was also supported by the Associative Movement Italians Abroad (MAIE), five deputies and two senators previously expelled from the M5S, one dissident senator from the South American Union Italian Emigrants (USEI)[12] who later joined the MAIE and one deputy of Forza Italia (FI) who sarcastically voted in favour of it. [18] In the evening, Silvio Berlusconi publicly announced that Forza Italia (FI) would not support a M5S–League government on a vote of confidence, but it would still maintain the centre-right alliance nonetheless, thus opening the door to a possible majority government between the two parties. [5] The government has often been described as "populist" (the first of that kind in Europe according to several sources)[which? The parties intend to cut the pensions and annuities of members of the Parliament, regional councillors and those employed by constitutional bodies. The cabinet was formed by a coalition between the Five Star Movement and the League , but it also contained some independents proposed by each party (including the Prime Minister). [69], On 10 June 2018, Salvini announced the closure of Italian ports, stating that "everyone in Europe is doing their own business, now Italy is also raising its head. Il Carroccio sorpassa Forza Italia", "Italy's populist parties given 24 hours to avert fresh elections", "Governo M5S-Lega, Berlusconi: nessun veto all'intesa ma no alla fiducia", "Italy's populist 5 Star, League parties reach deal on government program", "Giuseppe Conte, un giurista per governo del cambiamento. E i dem: manifestazione nazionale a Roma il 1° giugno", "Incontro informale in corso tra Cottarelli e MattarellaI tre scenari possibili", "Governo, Cottarelli vede Mattarella. The government is supported and most of its members are provided by the two following parties. [43][44] On 1 June, Prime Minister Conte and his ministers took their oaths of office and were sworn in. Le differenze tra il governo Conte 1 e il governo Conte 2 LA7 Sections of this page. Salvini: "Interesse italiani al centro, "Chi è Giuseppe Conte, scelto da Luigi Di Maio per la possibile squadra di governo", "Italy populist government pact: Candidate for prime minister named", "Italian president in talks as populist parties put forward novice for PM", "Italy's Populists Move Closer to Power, With Little-Known Pick for Prime Minister", "The Latest: Populists' premier gets presidential mandate", "Conte giunto al Quirinale per l'incarico", "Governo, Mattarella conferisce a Conte l'incarico: "Sarò l'avvocato difensore degli italiani", "Italy president under pressure to accept euroskeptic minister", "Italy PM-designate Conte gives up bid for government", "Dichiarazione del Presidente della Repubblica Sergio Mattarella al termine del colloquio con il professor Giuseppe Conte", "Governo, Conte rimette l'incarico. [19], On 13 May, the M5S and the League reached an agreement on a government program, however they did not find an agreement regarding their proposal for the Prime Minister and the Ministers. Crollo del Partito democratico. On 6 June 2018, the so-called Government of Change received the confidence of the Chamber of Deputies by receiving 350 votes in favor and 236 votes against (35 deputies abstained; 8 deputies did not vote, among which 5 were absent). The parties envisioned a health system mostly supported by the fiscal system, with minimal contribution from the patients. Di Maio e Salvini vicepremier", "Di Maio e l'impeachment "Abbiamo sbagliato tutto, "Tre ministeri ballerini (di G. Cerami e A. Mauro)", "Italy swears in first fully populist government", "Italy's new government wins first confidence vote in Senate", "Italy's New Government Wins Confidence Vote in Chamber of Deputies", "Governo, sei viceministri e 39 sottosegretari: ecco i nomi", "Governo Conte: Castelli (M5S) e Garavaglia (Lega) vice di Tria al Mef. Small-scale agriculture and fishing should also be protected and the typical and traditional local productions should be safeguarded. [16] The Five Star Movement (M5S) led by Luigi Di Maio resulted as the party with the largest number of votes and parliamentary seats, whereas the centre-right coalition in which Matteo Salvini's League emerged as the main political force won a plurality of seats both in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate. Renzi: "Salviamo il Paese". [17], On 9 May, after weeks of political deadlock and failing attempts to form a cabinet, including possible M5S–Centre-right and M5S–PD coalitions, Di Maio and Salvini officially requested President Sergio Mattarella to concede them 24 hours more to strike a government agreement between their two parties. République italienne Photographie de famille du gouvernement Conte II le 5 septembre 2019 au palais du Quirinal . Senato della Repubblica – seduta del 5 giugno 2018. Resoconto stenografico", "Italy diverges with Western European allies and voices support for Russia after populist party takes power", "The Torchbearer of Italy's Far Right is Now in Power and Wants to Make Good on Anti-Migrant Promises", "La mia linea d'azione da ministro: aumentare numero centri rimpatri, in modo che immigrati stiano dentro e non girino per le città facendo confusione, ridurre numero sbarchi e aumentare numero espulsioni. [62], Environment, green economy and circular economy. [70] The following day, the ships Aquarius and SOS Méditerranée that were requesting to dock at an Italian port to disembark the rescued migrants were turned away by Italy and Malta. Giuseppe Conte (f. 8. ágúst 1964) er ítalskur lögfræðingur og stjórnmálamaður sem er 58. og núverandi forsætisráðherra Ítalíu.

En décembre 2018, l'ouverture d'une procédure de sanction à l'égard de l'Italie est alors justifiée par l'Union européenne pour ces manquements[12]. [38][39] Meanwhile, Di Maio and Salvini announced their willingness to restart negotiations to form a "political" government and Giorgia Meloni (FdI leader) gave them her support. [20] Both parties announced they would ask their respective members to vote on the government agreement by the following weekend. Scontro nel governo, Di Maio: "Incostituzionale", "Here are the main things Italian PM Giuseppe Conte said in his first speech", "Italy gets the world's first minister for direct democracy", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Conte_I_Cabinet&oldid=973979024, Articles containing Italian-language text, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from November 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 August 2020, at 10:59. The parties pledged to guarantee the quality of public water in all the municipalities by improving the water transport network, minimizing the leaks and replacing old pipelines that may still contain asbestos and lead. [56] The same day, President of Italy Sergio Mattarella accepted Conte's resignation and announced consultations with party leaders for the next two days. [29] The next day, Conte held talks with all the parliamentary parties, but the government formation was soon stuck on the appointment of Paolo Savona as Minister of Economy and Finance, which was unfavoured by President Mattarella,[30] who considered his alleged support for Italy's covert exit from the Euro as an overwhelming risk for the country's economy.